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  1. Music Theory
    Hello. I am trying to learn how this new, modern epic music works. I would have few questions for someone who is in mood to help me here. 1. Where to start building Epic track (chords, main melody, ostinato...)? 2. How to built ostinato using violins or high strings with low strings or cello...
  2. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello all, Who knows what this classical piano piece is? I recorded the notes I remembered... thanks!
  3. Music Theory
    The 12/8 bar is visually grouped as if its beats were asymmetrical: three 8th-notes, then four such notes, then five such notes. Why? Same happens after the change into 9/8 metre: each bar first has a group of 2 notes, then a group of 3 notes, then a group of 4 notes. Actually, one of the...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello all! My first post here, and I have registered precisely because I wanted to ask your help to prepare a research project in psychology. - What I need to do is this: Divide a classical piece (let's say 20 minutes long) into, for example, 4 5-minute parts. However, I need those parts to...
  5. Off Topic Pub
    As I've been looking to expand on ways to be able to publish and also keep in contact with performers, I stumbled upon Etsy, and lo! Look at these little guys! Hahahahaha! 8th notes!
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    I've got this earworm of some sort of orchestral music, I can't remember what it is and it's really bugging me! I know this is a long shot but I can play the basic theme on a piano. It's a slow passage (I guess largo?) and played by a loud brass instrument with the following notes, all of the...
  7. Solved Cases (archive)
    I often completely blank on pieces that I know really well, and this was stuck in my head and I once again can't remember where it's from. I'm thinking it's Shostakovich, but it might not be, which would be embarrassing. Anyways, I entered the notes in, and the notes are definitely not correct...
  8. Opera
    A week ago I found from YouTube the following video: I would like to ask those who are accustomed to singing and hearing the tune above (and others), what do you think about Fleming's take? I read from the comments section that the last note is written, but not usually sang, since not...
  9. Opera
    I recently heard part of an opera that was sung by a male lead. I don't have an audio, but was hoping someone might recognize the excerpt given some characteristics. -- Excerpt was in common or cut time, quick allegro tempo -- About a one minute section with three distinct themes -- First theme...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all. I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with programme notes writing? Cheers.
  11. Opera
    Whilst on a driving holiday recently, I stumbled across the Mado Robin Museum a few hours south of Paris. For those who aren't familiar with Robin, she was a French coloratura during the 50s. She's famous for hitting high notes...really high notes. So high, that it's surprising that it's still...
  12. Solved Cases (archive)
    Someone I know is looking for an instrumental song that sounds like Tanz from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. They said, "I think the original song (at least the excerpt I remember) was short. It really is almost identical to the first few bars of Tanz (excluding the opening notes) except it has a...
  13. Opera
    like em? not like em? always take em when possible? never take em? :tiphat:
  14. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Just as the poll says. And why?
  15. Vocal Music
    do you like falsetto? why/why not? personally, I find it repulsive (with one or two exceptions). it's thin, unsupported, generally lacks control (especially on high notes) and generally comes across as supplicating and lacking conviction or solidarity.
  16. Today's Composers
    Hi Everyone, I wonder if I could present some of you with a challenge. I am terrible at mapping out the time signature structure of my own pieces. I composed a short lullaby a few years ago when my niece was born. I want to present the written music as a gift, but have no confidence in my...
  17. Today's Composers
    I've been sleeping a while in this fórum, and haven't managed to come back for ages. Leaping Notes was a fun piece of music to write down in a sheet. Anyway, I only got less of it when it was posted in the contest. Now it'd be a good time to hear some criticism, good or bad. Leaping Notes...
  18. Off Topic Pub
    Hi everybody! I'm just wondering how one is to achieve perfect evenness when playing scales. Let's say that I play C major scale with the fingering 123, 1234 etc. Then it's like I can always hear when I change the fingers from 123 to 1234. It always sounds like dadada, dadadada, but I want all...
1-18 of 20 Results