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    Novak's 1st String Quartet was composed in 1899 and it won the Czech Chamber Music Society Prize in 1900. Supposedly influenced by Novák's travels it is said to contain melodies and rhythms of the regions he visited during his travels. The opening Allegro moderato, for example, was inspired by...
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    Novák followed Dvorak's example of using folk music from his home country as inspiration in his quartets but he also travelled widely in bordering countries so they use melodies and ideas from other Slavic countries too. His 3rd quartet could, in some ways, be classed as a 'war' work as it...
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    There are 3 three string quartets written by Vitezslav Novak. String Quartet No. 2, which is in two long movements, was composed between 1904 and 1906. The two movements are quite contrasting but lengthy. The first is a peaceful and unlikely fugue, performed as a largo with the theme taken...
1-3 of 3 Results