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  1. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Hi, I tried to start a new topic, with one picture and this text: Help needed.... since I don't own a handphone/smartphone, can someone who has the QR scan app on his/her phone check whether this QR code is what it's supposed to be (home page and email of our gallery)? Thanks! The board...
  2. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I've noticed when looking back at poll results that the number of voters doesn't always correspond with the number of votes. For example, on this poll it says 7 votes for the Dohnányi violin concerto but...
  3. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Tried to post a new thread in the opera forum and got this.The number of tags you tried to add exceeded the maximum number of tags by 7. It was only a few lines. "too many tag lines, exceded 7. What the heck is that?
  4. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    The title is the question. When I attach an image to a post, it is often smaller than I'd like. I want to know how to make it bigger. Once, I saw a string like "SIZE=5" or similar and I replaced the number with a different number. It didn't change the size of the image. Sorry if this is a...
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    halo everybody. I am trying to solve a ridle which need some identifycation of classical pieces, icluding thier opus (if they don't have one then their Köchel-Verzeichnis number or BWV or number). These are the pieces: 1 2 3 4 thank you very much for a help
  6. Opera
    If you could go back in time and hear the great Birgit Nilsson in a live opera, which one would be your number one choice. She would certainly be one of the greatest interpreters of any of these roles. I used bad English for the poll question but don't know how to change it.
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I was sorting categories this morning on iTunes and saw the "Plays" option, which tells you what works/songs you've listened to the most. I just reconfigured my iTunes library in October so my data isn't that old. I also realize this thread will only work for digital listeners. So, go to your...
  8. Orchestral Music
    There are many symphonies. Many great symphonies too. Most symphonies have been composed in four movements, though there have always been symphonies with a different number of movements. Great examples are the early 3-movement symphonies by Haydn or Barber's Symphony in one movement, but there...
1-8 of 11 Results