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  1. Non-Classical Music
    I doubt there's anything too surprising out there but let's give a try. It can be studio or live - any genre you want. Try to avoid the absolutely obvious. A couple to get this (likely very short thread) started.
  2. Off Topic Pub
    This is just a dorky, stupid little idea, but... Schubert: Sherbet Faure: Far, Aye? Beethoven: Bait Oven (an upcoming trend in the crossover genre of fishing/cooking) Bach: (too obvious) Myerbeer: My, um, er, Beer? I think you get the point. Now if you are infinitely bored, let's see what you...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Which composers from the baroque era are worth checking out, along with the obvious (Vivaldi)?
  4. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Is it possible to put an entire thread on ignore here? I've been on other forums where this was able to be done. Pardon me if it's obvious but I've searched through all the controls and couldn't find this option. Thanks.
1-4 of 5 Results