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  1. Non-Classical Music
    If Im looking for Japanese Hard-Boiling Celtic Frost-ian ?and old Godflesh (Streetcleaner era). What are my best and mandatory listen, Japan as everythig, But I used to have an obscure compilation whit early Sigh(Japan) lost it, any idea what would trill me, Arigato, thanks? :tiphat: :cool:
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Okay, so for a lot of people post-1950 art music is either tuneless / too dissonant / incomprehensible noise, or else bland and repetitive (minimalism). 'Pastiche' isn't allowed, you have to do something new - it's ok to be inspired by older styles but you have to put a new spin on it.... so how...
  3. Non-Classical Music
    I recall back in early high school there was a bully that had a megadeath shirt that pick on me therefore i always hated megadeath because it remind me of him. He was older taller bigger than me, but i did not had to says it you would had guess.This put aside i still hate this band.Its kinda...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    The debate about older legends has been appreciative or not inspired me to conjure up a thread where we can think of examples of recent recordings or performances beating out the older version. So I will start: is much better than the Furtwangler version almost 2 decades earlier: And...
  5. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    As I listening to earlier performances by Heabler (sp?), Klien, and Brendel on this lovely box set, I was wondering whether young folks in their 20's and 30's don't appreciate the older legends like Alfred Cortot or Artur Schnabel in favor of the younger, "flashy" folks like Lang Lang or Yuja...
  6. Composer Guestbooks
    Just read about this young girl (7) from Britain, who has composed a opera for a full string orchestra. Here is the story Her piano sonata rondo for violin This is maybe the craziest thing i have seen. If this is true... Seems true... i dunno.. im in shock
1-6 of 6 Results