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  1. Opera
    About time! Romantic comedy operetta, in English. In Seattle! One of my friends mentioned, quite accurately, there have not been any fun operettas written in the U.S. in over 100 years. We have had some Grand Opera on serious subjects. We have had Broadway musicals... but not really much in the...
  2. Opera
    I'm wondering, what is the taste of Talk Classical regarding the operatic era? Please vote (you have 2 votes). For the record, I'm voting baroque and modern (my most favorite era). Next would be classical and the last would be the romantic era.
  3. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    I was thinking about great (or good) opera performances released on home video that never made their way onto a CD. I'd like to hear your opinions. Here's one such example; Gounod - Romeo et Juliette / Mackerras, Alagna, Vaduva, Royal Opera Covent Garden
  4. Opera
    Ralph Moore Recorded Opera Surveys Personally I've found these surveys to be an invaluable resource in building my opera collection. While I may not always agree with his recommendations or commentary, it's still the most exhaustive comparison of recordings that I've come across. What do you think?
  5. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi I watched a video on YouTube, it was Pavarotti in duet with a soprano, acting it was opera. It was a super passionate thing the two fighting very bad. Pavarotti was about 40-50 and she was wearing a pink dress maybe... It was awesome can t find it can u help?
  6. Opera
    Season 2022/2023 Trailers from MET, BSO and more:
  7. Opera
    Not sure what to think. I'm just confused at this point.
  8. Opera
    Here we gooooo I pray that the full recording comes out soon, but I actually quite like her Turandot. Her voice is fascinating. From this it does sound like she has the voice for it - and if I remember correctly she'll be singing it onstage in 2023.
  9. Opera
    I always hear that she started out as a lyric coloratura and moved into heavier rep. Mostly wondering how and about the size of her voice because on record it sounds... sufficient? Her voice sounds a bit lighter than what I'd expect of a soprano who tackles her later rep (Gioconda, Amelia...
  10. Music Theory
    Hi, everyone! Nice to be here. This forum gathers such an active and professional community. I'm really happy to be part of it <3 So here's my thread: Are there any good books describing history, meaning and changes of the opera genre? What I'm looking for is something like this...
  11. Opera
    During a flight from London to Dubai (at 2009) I listened one opera, that pleased me a lot where the tenor at a given moment, is giving guffaws (loud laughs? - I am not English Native) at a dialog with a lady (if I remember well but not sure). I think also that was at German language but not...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm sure many of you here are familiar with, or at least have heard of, the Austrian pianist Friedrich Gulda. Apart from his interpretations of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and even Debussy, he was also an accomplished composer, combining the jazz and classical fields. One of his final works, an...
  13. Classifieds
    I am about to self-publish a book on The book is titled VERDI'S "RIGOLETTO": A SELECT DISCOGRAPHY WITH COMMENTARY. The official publication date is April 26th, but the Kindle version of the book is going up for pre-order within the next couple days. When the Kindle is officially...
  14. Religious Music
    Hello, here's my Ave Maria featuring Argentinian - American tenor, Jose Simerilla Romero. I've composed this piece last February. Jose Simerilla Romero is tenor at the Dutch National Opera Studio in Amsterdam for the 2020/2021 season. He has such a beautiful voice, thank you for listening and...
  15. Opera
    Inspired by the similar thread on Wagner's major works. Here's my list: 1. Fanciulla 2. Il tabarro 3. Turanodt 4. Gianni Schicchi 5. Madama Butterfly 6. La rondine 7. La boheme 8. Suor Angelica 9. Tosca 10. Manon Lescaut I counted the three Trittico operas separately; if they were counted as...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Thank you so much to the people who responded to my post yesterday about my other research study. If you have the time, I'd really appreciate it if you could also fill out this different 2-minute survey. Anyone who has seen a streaming opera is qualified to participate. Thank you again! New...
  17. Identifying Classical Music
    Help! I am trying to identify selections from the original piano score for the 1925 film "Ben-Hur". Most of the music for this film was "compiled" from existing works. So far I have identified music from "Thais", " Herodiade" and "Le Jongular de Notre Dame" all by Massenet. Also extracts...
1-17 of 338 Results