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  1. Opera
    Can someone recommend a new release on SACD from these two operatic composers?
  2. Opera
    What would say is the worst operatic party ever? You know, when everyone is gathered on a beautiful night dressed in their finest, and then there's some horrific angst that just ruins everything. Curious how often this trope gets used, and which is the most awesomely uncomfortable party-wrecking...
  3. Opera
    what image comes to mind when you hear a certain operatic voice? I'll start with a few Anna Moffo: chocolate mousse Martina Arroyo: purple velvet Joan Sutherland: an angel queen brandishing a sword and summoning a thunderstorm Beverly Sills: a fairy Kirsten Flagstad: liquid gold Gina Signa: a...
1-3 of 3 Results