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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone here was partial to Debussy’s Preludes and which ones you prefer. I like des pas sur la neige (Book 1) myself.
  2. Opera
    I always am really impressed with how incredibly beautiful her voice was. In photographs she appears very, very pretty, too. I heard the Met let her go in the middle of her career. Does anyone know why. On the radio her voice is almost as beautiful to me as Sill's was, and that is saying a lot...
  3. Opera
    I have heard her a couple of times on Sirius and was impressed. Her Abigaille was pretty riveting. Has anyone heard her live? It sounds like an enormous voice but recordings can be deceptive. My disappointment in her is from what I heard, her high C tends to be flat. Chime in on your opinions...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    People's agendas are what makes this forum exist at all! This thread here exists because somebody likes, or hates a piece, because it represents something to them, as an ideology, or as an aesthetic approach to life. Sure, we know that opinions do not exist "in" the music itself, and that...
  5. Opera
    Hasn't been a whole lot of controversy lately, so I thought I'd spice things up a bit :devil: The premise is straightforward enough: post a few of your feather-ruffling opera-related opinions. Additionally, you are free to debate some of the opinions which others have listed. Only rule is: make...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Can we have a thread going on where you share your sentiments on sloppy performances of classical pieces? How often does it happen? Is it excusable and expected? I'm greatly interested in your opinions.
  7. Off Topic Pub
    Okay, so I have no clue if this thread has been done before but because I have been having a very nostalgic week I though I would post this. What is something you are still very attached to from your childhood? I don't believe in anything that you are emotionally attached to as being stupid or...
  8. Orchestral Music
    I just received a digital file of this new work from CPO. I'm looking for opinions on this composer as well as the overture. For me the jury is still out on this one. Tom
  9. Opera
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here owns this issue of Callas' 1954 La Vestale: I've read differing opinions of the quality of this issue, some say it's no better than previous issues, others say it is a distinct improvement. it's a bit expensive...
  10. Blog
    Computers have been used in music for over half a century now, from RCA's room-filling monstrosities to the Synclavier's tapeless studio and finally the common PC, yet, even with steadily growing acceptance in both "serious" and popular music, there remains a cumbersome taboo against these...
  11. Hi-Fi
    I was thinking about getting the Sony ZS-BTG900. Tested it at Best Buy and sound was great to me. Any opinions?
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    I would like people's opinions about "Classical Archives".
  13. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    Anyone have this yet? Opinions? :tiphat:
  14. Recorded Music and Publications
    Any opinions on the contents of this boat anchor? At under 20 dollars, the price is definitely right!
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    I couldn't find any posts on this topic so i decided to make this thread to hear some other peoples opinions. Which do you prefer for solo playing, the Stradivarius or the montagnana cello models? Thanks!
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Who are your favourites? What recordings do you recommend? Have you seen any live? What are your local contemporary music ensembles? Who are your favourite conductors or musicians in the contemporary music scene? Who do you dislike and why? I would be interested to see what people's opinions...
  17. Recorded Music and Publications
    I just saw on Amazon the blu ray for Verdi vs Wagner: a 6 part documentary from the BBC. First time I know it exists (I'm in the US). Anyone here has seen it? Opinions? Thanks.
1-17 of 19 Results