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  1. Recorded Music and Publications
    My wife will be playing the orchestral reduction on organ for a community production of Messiah this December, so we're looking for a recording of the oratorio without its traditional orchestral scoring, but simply done with organ. (Note: no other instruments will be playing--this is not simply...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    I get a kick out of the dramatic effect the organ provides in the following two requiems Saint Saen's Requiem (starting at 7:11) and Salieri's Requiem (starting at 1:04)
  3. Keyboard Instruments
    Does contemporary organ makers invent new physical stops - e.g. new types of pipes? It is hard to say - whether they do or do not do that. From the one side - stops mainly reflect the instruments of orchestra and the set of those instruments is finite and quite permanent for some centuries...
  4. Today's Composers
    Robert Howard is pleased the announce the first performance of his new harvest anthem, 'Glory, Love, and Praise, and Honour'. This is a setting of text by Charles Wesley. The work is dedicated to Rev. Kimberley Mannings (Curate of Prescot Parish) as she approaches her 30th Birthday in...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Have listen this documentary, not really familiar with organ but what a majestic instrument so comlex so gigantic. Cant you share me record that you love from the Organ of Notre-Dame.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Ha!! Harpsicords my favorite instrument in the keyboard familly , except keytar, because it's very marginal and not cool, but imagine a keytar symphony lol ;) When you heard for the first time :Sweelinck, Buxtehude ,d'Anglebert, francois Couperin, Cavazzoni, Byrd, Richardson ,Farnaby...
  7. Orchestral Music
    Can someone please recommend a recording including pipe organ in the finale? Many thanks Don
  8. Orchestral Music
    Hi guys, Any help on interpreting Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony? Anything is welcome: links, books, your own comments etc. On a funny but true note: please don't tell me to go look it up online (as someone told me) :) I am looking for the stuff I might have missed or misunderstood during my...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Dear All, First of all thank you for you always so helpful comments. Regarding Camille Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 in C Minor (Organ Symphony). Could you please help me understand this symphony better from all senses since it is quite a beautiful one. Some examples of what I am looking to...
  10. Identifying Classical Music
    Anyone know this piece? It seems to be some sort of etude/technical piece... Performed by Mitchell Miller on an 1886 Felgemaker organ [opus 472] at First Presbyterian Church, Ripley, Ohio
  11. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can anyone recognize this?
  12. Solved Cases (archive)
    I recently heard a fantastic piece on my local classical radio station that I would love to identify. It was incredibly powerful, and an organ came in in the last few minutes. This particular recording was live, and at the conclusion the audience absolutely exploded. I know this isn't a huge...
  13. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, this is my first post, please let me know if I'm doing something wrong... I'll fix it :D Yesterday we recorded this piece of music played on organ. I think it's not originally composed for organ but it's a transcription made by someone. Of course it's by Bach, but can anyone help me to...
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    We have no organs in any concert hall in our country (except one conservatoire, one University and some music shcools). But recently some concerts have been organized which featured organ music or organ as part of the concert and the digital organ was used in those concerts. I am very unhappy...
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    This night (evening) I attended organ concert, which included also: - M. Ravel trio for violin, cello and organ (transcription from piano) - M. Ravel Pavane for violin, cello and organ - F. List Preludes for solo organ (transcription from symphony orchestra) To be honest, this was one of the...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    The thread is inspired by a recent conversation with my friend who used to be a very dedicated organ player. Now circumstances have changed and he can't practice any more. Anyway we started to talk about organ works , etc and it inspired me to bring about this topic on this forum. Well, I know...
  17. Non-Classical Music
    I would love to find some very good modern organ music, that is very unique sounding, soulful, and progressive. I really don't care much for some Jazz Organ, it's too derivative and it doesn't sound very positive. I like this one: Barbara Dennerlein & Adam Pache - "A Summer Day" in Larino -...
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    I am quite keen to get a single or double disk of some of Messiaen's Organ works for casual listening. I have received some excellent recommendations for some of his work from another post but this was more for the box sets and larger works. Please recommend a few definitive recordings please!
  19. Classical Music Discussion
    I don't know about you but when listening to old records (I retrieve them from thrift stores) I sometimes feel the urge to get more background information on the composer, piece or performer (or all of them). Especially when the records strikes me as obscure or 'marginal' (if that's English) in...
  20. Solved Cases (archive)
    Thank you for clicking on my post ! I'm looking for the title and composer of this piece for quiet a long time now, and I still don't know ! (the link, in case the video doesn't work) Thanks for your help.
1-20 of 39 Results