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  1. Opera
    Sometimes, an overture is much better than the opera it is in front of. Other times, it will be representative of the opera or even worse than the rest of the opera. What are some examples that stand out to you of either a major disparity in quality between the overture and entire opera or...
  2. Opera
    I read that Beethoven had intended for the finale of Fidelio to start within 7 seconds of the last note of the Leonore and Florestan duet. A practice was begun to insert the Leonore #3 overture in between these two parts to accommodate the scene change (from dungeon to prison parade grounds)...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Two similarly themed composition from two great composers (Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, of course). Both tell the story of a battle, both have cannons and national anthems and a lenght around 15 minutes. Which one do you think is the better? For reference here is a recording of the Beethoven...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi, looking for a Overtures and Preludes My favorites are from Beethoven ... And today listenig Mozart: Overture - 'La Clemenza di Tito'
  5. Orchestral Music
    I just received a digital file of this new work from CPO. I'm looking for opinions on this composer as well as the overture. For me the jury is still out on this one. Tom
  6. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    Hi All I have dug up an old mp3 file that I converted from a tape many years ago. Have no idea what it's name is. However the closest I got was coming across the movie soundtrack for The Desert Song. The most similar sounding track from that album was the Overture theme co-written by Sigmund...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Most orchestral concerts consist of established masterpieces which have been staples of the repertoire for at least a hundred years or so, although there are exceotions . The concerts by Leon Botstein and his American symphony orchestra in New York have been concentrating on truly off beat...
  8. Opera
    Does every opera start with an overture? I recently acquired a CD set of Tosca and it goes right to vocals> I was surprised at that. The overture sets the tone for the opera to come, or so I believe. What is your favorite overture and why?
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    I saw this overture live a few weeks ago. It was my first concert and the first piece of the night, it blew me away. Since then I've been looking for a good quality recording of it. I have Solti with CSO playing it and now I have just heard Karajan with BPO. After the live performance the Solti...
  10. Today's Composers
    Lunatic ward [Op. E11 4.0i] 02:29 from Local Sense Technology (1999-2014)
  11. Orchestral Music
    The Overture is an early composition written in 1865 when Tchaikovsky was 24. After its first performance, the piece brought the first public success and the first good press reviews. The composer, however, was not very happy with it and he destroyed the score. Later, the composition was...
1-11 of 12 Results