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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Years ago I came across a youtube video of a lecture on Rachmaninoff's Variations on a Theme of Paganini. It took place in a concert hall with with a full orchestra, an audience, and the lecturer seatted at a piano. The format reminded reminded me of Lenoard Benstein's Young People's Concerts...
  2. Blog
    Composed around 1817, and dedicated to the King of Sardinia and the Duke of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele I, Paganini's 3rd Quartet is his most energetic and, in my opinion, best string quartet. Although written in the same Quatuor Brilliant style as his two other quartets Paganini also digs a...
  3. Blog
    Paganini's 2nd String Quartet was written somewhere between. 1815 and 1818 and is similarly dedicated to the King of Sardinia and the Duke of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele I. Like the 1st quartet it's in 4 movements and is stylistically similar. As before, the first violin dominates and leads the...
  4. Blog
    Cited as the "greatest violinist of his time, Paganini composed his first String Quartet in 1815, when he was in his early thirties and all 3 of his string quartets were dedicated to the King of Sardinia and the Duke of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele I. Amazingly, his 3 string quartets were only...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    While looking for a version, i came across several versions of "Eighteenth Variation" but there was only this one in particular I really wanted (attached file). It says "EXTRACT" with no arranger name mentioned. Does anyone know where I can find this particular version? I'd be so appreciative!!:)
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    What is your favorite Paganini violin concerto, piece or top 3 or so?
  7. Orchestral Music
    Is there anyone out there, who also appreciates Paganini’s works, such as the 24 Caprices, and so on. furthermore, as a amateur violinist, who has had experience playing Paganini's works, and what difficulties did you face whilst practicing these pieces
  8. Solo & Chamber Music
    Max Reger Three Suites Pierre Rode 24 Caprices Henry Wieniawski L'École Moderne Then Paganini Caprices
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Paganini's Caprice No. 9, Weber and Bruckner: Music of the Hunt
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    An amazing performance of Paganini: Witches' Dance
1-10 of 10 Results