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  1. Composer Guestbooks
    One of my favorite English composers. Related links below. The composer's page at Classical Net is particularly useful for recording suggestions. Re labels, I thoroughly enjoy several concerti and chamber works on Naxos, as well as Chandos' piano concerti, and Lyrita's symphonies. Enjoy...
  2. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Clicking on "5" or "6" Others Likes, get this... _____you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative...
  3. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    The Forum front page seems to be down, which may be why there are fewer postings that usual to day. If you type into your browser simply, you will get a message stating database error. I managed to get into the site by typing in the full address for one of the threads...
  4. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hey, found a new up and coming classical vocalist, thought I would put a link here, see what you guys think ? she has a YouTube page as well with some more songs to enjoy. Hope you guys enjoy this. Keep it classical
  5. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    all day whats up?:(
  6. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Reported this before but want to bring it up again because it's evidently not fixed. If I set the Thread Display Mode to "Linear - Newest First" which I prefer, the following happens: - If I click on a "Like" then a seemingly random post (from the correct thread) is displayed. - If I click on...
  7. Solved Cases (archive)
    I've done some searching, and I haven't founds any threads asking this, so: What is the score at the top of every page on TC? I'm assuming it's a vocal work, and the meter seems to be irregular it is likely to be fairly modern. Does anyone have any idea?
1-7 of 10 Results