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  1. Recorded Music and Publications
    Rubenstien, Perahia, Askenazy, others?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    A flashy work from Mendelssohn's youth, this piece is, as the English say, 'oft-performed.' Here are the results of pitting three performances against each other for the quality of playing. The contestants are Lang Lang (2000 - something), Mikhail Pletnev (1991), and Murray Perahia (1974). Each...
  3. Blog
    J.S. Bach: The Goldberg Variations Murray Perahia (Sony) Perahia's Goldbergs seem to flow as clearly and effortlessly as water. To my ears, Gould '55 sounds mechanical in comparison. Schiff (Decca) is at the other end of the spectrum. Beside Perahia's crystalline clarity, Schiff seems...
1-3 of 3 Results