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  1. Opera
    she was very famous during the time of Maria Callas. the mysterious thing about her is that she suddenly quit performing and disappeared from the stage. i heard the story on the radio but forgot her name. thank for any help macc :( :tiphat:
  2. Vocal Music
    Buongiorno I am a huge Il Volo fan and wonder if there are any others out there. They are a trio from Italy and have an unusual style of singing. They call it operatic pop. I wonder what readers of this forum think of this recording. This is Piero Barone of Il Volo performing No Puede Ser...
  3. Opera
    I am a classical singer and am always looking to meet and work with instrumentalists/accompanists. I am not sure if I can post this here?? Well if anyone is interested then I can send you some of my singing and perhaps you could send me some of your playing, and if we think we could work well...
1-3 of 4 Results