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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Which composers are the most out of place in each major musical period? I realize that this may be hard to find real red herrings, and I'm not looking for that. I'm realizing that I can't expect a composer I haven't heard from the Baroque period to only sound like others I have heard from...
  2. Today's Composers
    Originally, 'Empfindsamkeit' was the name given to an eighteenth century style of music which prompted the beginning of the transition from classical period to the Romantic. The word can be translated as 'sensitivity' and the music of this period shows an extra 'sensitivity', especially to...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Please choose the period you listen to the most. Not necessarily the bulk of your listening, but more than the other periods listed.
  4. Opera
    Well I know I'm be a little specific and picky here, but I'm curious if anyone knows of any Operas from the Classical Era that were originally created with English libretto. I know this is a difficult time frame to find such a thing, but I'd like to try. The Classical Era is my favorite period...
  5. Orchestral Music
    So when a recording with 'period' instruments does Beethoven, what are they using that makes them sound different from modern violins? Is it just gut strings vs. steel? Different bridges? Setup? Bow hair? I mean, if Stradivaris were made in the 1700's... why don't they sound like 'period' fiddles?
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Posted this elsewhere, where it wasn't at all appreciated. That means it's worth posting here! It seems to me that the aesthetic arc of Western music over the centuries would be easier to understand if the various periods were given more descriptive titles. Here's a first draft. 1300-1500 -...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    I've run across a point of view on TC today that I find curious and seemingly inconsistent: Only instruments somehow identified as native to their "period" should be used for that period. Use of a period instrument by a post-period composer is foolish and absurd A few questions I have for...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Not one for the night owls, but rather do have a starting point for listening to music e.g. 1700 or do you listen to music of any period? So, how early do you listen?
1-8 of 9 Results