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  1. Off Topic Pub
    My stance used to be: unless I can pick the album, it is highly unlikely that anyone could pick an album that I would want to keep. I have opened up hugely to alternate performances and to composers not yet in my collection. Given that they are major composers or ones that are nearly as well...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    I've recently become aware of composer James McMillan. From what I can find on Youtube it's mostly religious and choral, but being new to his music I wondered if anyone can give a personal recommendation for any of the bewildering array of his CDs available. All comments gratefully received. :)
  3. Recorded Music and Publications
    I've recorded (nearly) every Prom since 2010 so I have a huge library of music. It was only meant to be intended for my personal use but I'm happy to share some of my recordings if anybody would like any. Proms Archive Link
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    After the many lists and scathing critiques of composers and music, I cannot help but to post this in response. Music is emotion. One is drawn to a work because of that emotion, that power that music evokes within us. It just may be that a certain piece, no matter how obscure, may speak to some...
  5. Blog
    It's hard to fight it you know. It is so tempting that you would just want to do it all the time. I have only done it for a short time, but already I can feel it taking control of my life. I'm of course talking about the Talk Classical forum. I would like to write to threads all the time, but...
  6. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Here we have the 5 highest scoring composers of the previous poll. You can vote based on your personal experience, what you've heard about them, what looks most interesting to you, etc, whatever. meh
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Sonata No. 27, No. 2 "Moonlight" Even though this sonata (the opening, anyway) is familiar to many listeners to the point of banality, I listen to it freshly every time I hear it. The sonata is unusual, in that its opening sounds more like a Prelude than a sonata introduction; also, it's only...
  8. Off Topic Pub
    Do you like to loan albums from your collection to a family member, friend, neighbour, colleague or acquaintance? If you don't have physical albums, then do you like to share or loan the drive or device they are on (or whatever would be equivalent to physically loaning)? How about books? Do you...
  9. Off Topic Pub
    I counted up my Amazon purchases (classical and non-classical, including DVDs) and got about $375. Add probably $25 at Ebay, $40 at the local music store, and $20 on concert tickets, then I have spent about $460 on personal music in 2014. I hope to make it the rest of the year without buying...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    CLASSICAL MUSIC AND BIOGRAPHY Part 1: It is always interesting and sometimes even important to have intimate knowledge of a composer's life, but it is not essential in order to understand the composer's works. In Beethoven's case, one must not forget that in 1802, the year he was contemplating...
  11. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    CHOPIN CREATING A NARRATIVE MOOD Part 1: Chopin(1810-1849) composed in obedience to inner promptings, dictated by his own musical instincts and tastes, feelings and predispositions. Chopin's techniques and methods, his epic compositional modus operandi, his creative processes were explored...
1-11 of 12 Results