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  1. Music Theory
    Perhaps someone can help me here. Just to clarify, I fully grasp the concept of pivot chord modulation (using a common chord between two keys, followed by the V(7) of the new key) but I guess the problem I'm running into has to do with the accompanying phrases over those progressions. Each time...
  2. Music Theory
    Hello everyone. Not quite sure how to word what I'm asking here. I know quite a bit about theory, and have been writing music for several years now. My question is not regarding transitioning from one theme to another, it's more about staying in the same theme, but extending it out a little. Now...
  3. Off Topic Pub
    It has been said that the United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language. Now is your chance to see if you understand what we Brits are on about. Can you guess what these British phrases mean?
  4. Off Topic Pub
    So I hope this isn't too anglo-centric. But English is my first language. I would like to find out more words and phrases that can't be directly translated into English. Some examples: L'appel du vide - literal translation would be 'the call of the void.' I understand it to mean that feeling...
1-4 of 4 Results