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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi all! I have four pieces I played as part of my Middle School's orchestra that I can't remember the names or composers of. All attempts to identify it by means of Shazam or any other music identification applications have failed. You guys are my last hope! Due to the forum rules, I will post...
  2. Solved Cases (archive)
    This tune has been in my head lately, but I can't remember where it's from. Played on the piano here
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello fellow music lovers :) Woke up one morning with a streaming classical channel as alarm clock. The music was enchanting. It was like a dream flying thru the forest, fairytale like. Not of any help, but I think it was played on ČRo D-dur found on
  4. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    I am trying to find out the name of the music being played at 2:33 Can anybody identify this for me? Many thanks! Aaron
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    Does anyone recognize the piece played during this commercial?
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    My local radio station, KBAQ, plays what I consider to be a good variety of composers. I am curious to see how this compares to the experience of other people on this site. I looked at last Friday's playlist, which seems to be a fair representation of the station's usual broadcasting practice...
  7. Composer Guestbooks
    Excerpt from MELA Foundation, Inc. La Monte Young has pioneered the concept of extended time durations in contemporary music for over 50 years. He contributed extensively to the study of just intonation and to the development of rational number based tuning systems...
  8. Off Topic Pub
    Mine are these at least: Not funny if you haven't played the games, but articles for Metal Gear Solid are great as well.
  9. Strings
    Any professional string players here? If so, has your orchestra played with the entire string section works originally written for a quartet? How did it turn out? Here is Bernstein: Furtwaengler tried the Grosse Fuge with the whole string section, but it was not as successful as Klemperer's.
  10. Solved Cases (archive)
    May you please help me identify this composition of Antonio Vivaldi by Claudio Scimone? The composition is played right at 3:48:48 at the following link Thank you, Nuno Soares
  11. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi, I've absolutely fallen in love with this song, but for the life of me can't find out what it is. I'd guess that it's been rearranged to be played by multiple people in this concert, and would love to find the original. It starts at 5:30.
  12. Solved Cases (archive)
    I was watching an episode of my favourite animated comedy show recently and they played this music in on of their cut-aways. I know this music so well, I think that I have even played it, but I just can't place the title right now - my mind has just gone blank. Can anybody put my mind at rest...
  13. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, :) Can someone guess what's the name of this classical piece (I remember it was played in piano), and who's the composer, please?
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    so after listening to this work (schnittke symphony 1) so many times, i have become set on finding out what he quoted here! or maybe it is just his creation that happens to sound incredibly familiar. it is played on trumpets and starts at around 9:20. would really appreciate it if anyone...
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    I like both of these guys more than most moderns, but not quite sure which one I find stronger. I'm just interested in a comparison of some facts but also getting opinions. Is one's body of work much larger than the other? Is one played more? Harris seems to have more of greater substance...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can someone please tell me who is the composer and what is the title of this song played on the piano? Thank you!
  17. Solved Cases (archive)
    I hope someone can help me find the particular piece played in this clip from D&G:confused:.. i like it! :) perhaps listening to the last 40 seconds or so could help! i thought i heard something recognizable but i couldn't quite put my finger on it... thanks!:)
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    When I was growing up - I took Shostakovich's place in the pantheon of greats as read. I saw his name on album sleeves next to other big musical names. His music was commonly scheduled on the programmes of big name orchestras and performers. We studied him at school and at University. His...
  19. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, I'm Warre and I am a classical pianist. I was watching TV and an ad came up, during the ad they played this breathtaking piece. But I can't identify it, I hope someone can help me. :) (sorry for the bad quality)
1-19 of 30 Results