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  1. Strings
  2. Solo & Chamber Music
    So I'm thinking about getting a nice set with the 4 concertos for piano. Any suggestions?? I have seen a couple of editions with Ashkenazy playing the piano. Are they any good?
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    in the bad santa movie, the scene where willie steals a car from valet parking and drives to the guy's mansion. I'm looking for the song playing in that scene
  4. Opera
    Hi! I saw Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Opera house in Oslo the other day. Amazing acoustics, by the way. I don't know much about Opera, but it was one section of the opera where a part of the really stood out to me. This is all I can tell you about it: The orchestra were playing pizzicato...
  5. Solo & Chamber Music
    Hello:) I present to you today the wonderful work of the artist Chopin Sonata for Piano is playing for you With all my love and appreciation Waiting for your comments
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    This video has Schumann orchestral music playing, but doesn't state the piece.
  7. Orchestral Music
    In another thread, various posts expressed divergent opinions re contemporary violin soloists. Most comments focused on sound, but I think that there is another factor at work. Hilary Hahn is technically superb and has produced breathtaking performances, but has an impassive facial expression...
  8. Orchestral Music
    I'm watching the Proms right now. Beethoven's sixth. They're playing it standing up and without sheet music! :eek: It's engaging to watch. The musicians are certainly into it, sometimes swaying to the music, looking at each other and of course able to give the conductor their attention. The...
  9. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, could someone help me identify the piano piece that's playing in the background in this commercial: Thanks in advance!
  10. Solved Cases (archive)
    I heard this music playing in the background of a drama. I'd be so grateful if someone could identify the music for me. I managed to jot down the melody, see attached pdf. It is romantic in style, and sounds rather like the slow movement from a Beethoven or Schubert piano trio. Bars 1-7 are...
  11. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi folks! Way back when I was a kid, I used to play the family organ, and learned a bunch of Bach tunes. I found some old recordings of myself -- and forgive me, I know my playing is just awful in these, but I had no formal training! -- and for the life of me I can't figure out what the exact...
  12. News, Concerts and Events All I know is that Lucas Debargue's performance of Gaspard de la Nuit was top notch. And his brave exhibition and highly musical rendition of Medtner's 1st piano sonata was astounding.(his playing is...
  13. Woodwind and Brass
    Hi, there - I started a thread in the strings forum to ask people how they 'got into' playing their instrument. But I love hearing other people's life experiences, so maybe you woodwind and brass players could tell us how you became 'hooked' on playing your instrument, and what sort of music you...
  14. Solved Cases (archive)
    [URL=""] Right at the end of this 29.30 minute Canadian documentary, Glenn Gould plays a piece when trying out a piano at Steinway and sons. Starting at 28.58 minutes, we only hear a bit of this piece, then the film just ends...
  15. Solved Cases (archive)
    Please, for god's sake, please someone tell me what is Wittgenstein playing in this video (taken of his playing 1933) from 2.40? Wonderful music! And his playing with his only one hand is like a miracle which brings tears to the eyes...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    there it´s playing all time: and there 0:00-0:09 Please anybody know name of that masterpiece? Thank you very much for any help
  17. Today's Composers
    ...but I do compose some music... :D So, here is the explanation. I never learned music notation and I never went to any musical school, but I always wanted to learn to play piano or something similar (synth), so I didn't want to wait anymore and half year ago friend gave me some old synth from...
  18. Classifieds
    Hi I am a 56 year old medical doctor -if you at 37 years are 'old' I hate to think what I am. I have written an app for iphone/ipad just for someone asking your question! The app allows you to play classical piano pieces (limited to this because of copyright with more modern music). It provides...
  19. Recorded Music and Publications
    Ha! I've talked a lot on here about how hard it is to get an electrical transcription of an acoustically recorded 78. Now I've been able to capture it. Here is "Qual volutta trascrorre" from Verdi's I Lombardi. The singers are Enrico Caruso, Frances Alda and Marcel Journet. It was recorded on...
  20. Non-Classical Music
    Sad news today. He has always been a hero of mine, influenced my own guitar playing somewhat. :(
1-20 of 50 Results