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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I need to define a more specific theme for my work (the main theme is "music and politics"). I thought about focusing on Verdi's work.. I don't know yet.. any ideas ? It could be, like, a short period in time that is politically interesting, a specific historical event that has brought new...
  2. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    Hi everyone, I'm working on a school project, the theme is "music and politics" and I've chosen to work on classical music. This subject is extremely wide so i have to define what i want to work on more precisely. Therefore, I'd like to know what comes to your mind when both classical music...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Just for fun: Imagine if the composers ran for president. Who would you vote for and why? My vote would go to J. S. Bach (and his vice-president, Felix Mendelssohn). From what I've gathered he had good time management and leadership skills and would make a good head of state in my opinion.
  4. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    We already had a similar thread about possible connection between political/religious beliefs and musical taste, here. I thought it would be interesting to include a poll on this issue. I'm asking you whether you are politically coservative or liberal. I presume classical music lovers tend to be...
1-4 of 5 Results