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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Since there are a decent amount of sets of preludes in all 24 keys, which prelude is your favorite for each key? They can be written for any instrument. Here are my favorites: C major: Scriabin, Op. 11/1 C minor: Chopin, Op. 28/20 C-sharp major/D-flat major: Blumenfeld, Op. 17/15 C-sharp...
  2. Today's Composers
    I was recently invited to join a group trying to create a series of 24 preludes and fugues. This is the prelude I contributed, haven't got round to the fugue yet! I was trying to explore the less usual time signature of 5/8, what do you think? Regards Mark...
  3. Today's Composers
    Hi there ! I would like to share with you my new piece for solo piano. It's entitled 'Prélude N°1'. I hope that you will like it. Your feed-back will be appreciated. Thanks for listening. If you want, I invite you to visit my facebook page and to register a like : (thanks in advance !)...
  4. Today's Composers
    Orchestration of Debussy's "Voiles" Prelude for piano (2nd Prelude from Book I) Here's an orchestration I did last week of Debussy's "Voiles" Prelude from Book I: Sheet music can be found here...
  5. Today's Composers
    i took a crack at this whole fugue thing. not sure if i got it right. the prelude is actually longer than the fugue haha. i did this going off of the very little pre-19th century stuff i have heard recently. in fact this is really just something i did while bored, for fun. i am composing my...
  6. Today's Composers
    I found this as I cleaned my room and I took a bit of time to play it (for myself, the recording is Finale output since I don't have a classical guitar around) and write it in Finale :) I was 16-17 when I composed this. I was just discovering the music of Chopin and extreme appogiaturas. (The...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    12 years into my music education I had no idea that Chopin 24 Preludes cycle is so interesting and so deeply tied with upheavals in his personal life! :o Look what I managed to find out:
  8. Today's Composers
    Hello! I've been disconnected for a while, but not in vain (at least i hope so). I've been listening to lots of music, writing lots of horribly bad stuff, and then writing some just bad stuff, which is good enough for me to feel a certain warmth for it. I started this little thing today, i...
  9. Keyboard Instruments
    This is my prelude nº 1 in G minor, i hope you like my composition: (Spanish) or Regards
  10. Today's Composers
    One of my compositions, this time is a prelude in G minor for piano Solo. (Spanish) or i wait for your comments. Regards.
  11. Keyboard Instruments
    Another prelude, but this time of the Suite for piano España, of Isaac Albéniz. I hope you like my performance, enjoy: (in Spanish) or in youtube: Regards
  12. Keyboard Instruments
    Here its me playing this sad but wonderfull prelude of Chopin. Enjoy: (In Spanish) or in youtube:
1-12 of 12 Results