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  1. Hi-Fi
    As a classical music enthusiast who also cares greatly about sound quality, I find that often times even the best available recording of a piece has issues. Sometimes the noise floor of the recording equipment itself is too high, which gets to be distracting during the quiet segments...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Joking or Golfing, whatever, some Apex were quite impressive yet sleeve always minimalist,but who cares what count in the end is the recording itself, boiled down to this, it's causal & factual, it's like quantum physics, Albert Einstien would tell you, James William Sydis, Saint-Saens you get...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I am wondering if a case can be made that Xenakis' music is better for you than many other avant-garde composers. I would put him up there with Alfred Schnittke. A lot of people who compose in this style just kind of don't sound as right to me. Is there something in the mathematical interests...
  4. Solo & Chamber Music
    I am completely taken with Masaaki Suzuki's recording of the 6 Partitas. Wonderful performance, superb recording quality. I have seen that Suzuki also has a set of the French Suites available on BIS. Has anyone heard this and is it of a similar quality? What other Bach Harpsichord recordings...
  5. Off Topic Pub
    I think they're all good in their own way but I'm wondering what people are partial to. Personally, I'd take any of them if they are high enough quality.
  6. Opera
    Anyone here use this or have any opinions about it? I just signed up for the 7 day free trial and I've watched a few minutes of 2 operas already, Marriage of Figaro and Tristan Und Isolde, and they both have pretty atrocious sound quality. These are supposed to be HD quality so I figured they...
  7. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    I was listening to Leoš Janáček's opera Cunning Little Vixen. The score was rather uneven in quality to me. I found the instrumental parts most enjoyable but the vocal arias were weak. Maybe it was the performance but I was just a little underwhelmed by the uneven quality of the work. LJ is...
  8. Hi-Fi
    I was testing the Bluetooth speaker the Harmon Kardon Aura and felt that it was audiophile quality for my ALAC and Apple iTunes albums. Just wondering whether it is considered audiophile quality? Is it even possible to have audiophile quality over a Bluetooth connection?
  9. Hi-Fi
    I am curious why people make such a huge deal with sound leakage in headphones? I thought that having more sound radiation helps improve the quality?
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm looking for a good recording of Mozart's last 3 symphonies. Most is important is the quality of the performance, but quality of the recording is also important. Ideally downloadable from iTunes Store. Any recommendations?
  11. Non-Classical Music
    I am enjoying exploring this genre of late, coming to it via some of Lindsey Stirking's music. I enjoy it if it's of good quality. However I'm finding so far that there is a lot of dreck to be found. Any recommendations?
  12. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    When you listen to a piece of music, what quality gives you the most satisfaction? Is it the same for all classical music or does it depend on the piece? I've structured this as a poll simply to provide some ideas. It would be good if you could give examples showing the sort of quality that you...
  13. Hi-Fi
    I was wondering how the quality of Bluetooth speakers would be if I were to use it across the room from my iPad? I think that the quality wouldn't be so bad dependent on having a high bandwidth handled by the wifi.
  14. Off Topic Pub
    Since the quality revolution in television initiated by the the likes of Sopranos, The Wire etc. we have seen so many highly artistic shows, cinema can't really keep up anymore. Shows like Hannibal - which makes excellent use of classical music by the way - are able to explore amazing character...
  15. Solo & Chamber Music
    I recently discovered these. Where they have been hiding all of these years is beyong me. Anyway, the preferences of forum members has been discussed many times, but not lately (I don't think). I have read many of these posts and listened to portions of the quartets by a few ensembles. Here...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    They say, in the field of engineering, that any project has three variables 1) Cost, 2) Time, and 3) Quality. The client can control two of the three variables but not the third. (Examples: If you want it done fast and with high quality then you won't be able to control the high price tag. If...
  17. Opera
    I have been using Spotify Premium for sometime and saw all the hype by Jay-z, Madonna etc for this newly launched music service..........finally with CD quality streaming, this is the holy grail of music streaming There is 30 day free trail so I signed up for premium service $19.99 to get CD...
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    Is there a difference? Is it worth spending some money on? I'm mostly talking about symphoic and orchestral music, I know Youtube's quality isn't awful because I've shed many tears on them :P But if enough people tell me that you really notice the difference I'm going to build a physical...
  19. Classical Music Discussion
    Which HvK Brahms cycle is best, please? Sound quality is definitely a consideration... Thanks!
  20. Classical Music Discussion
    Has anyone tried this music player? The bars at the bottom of the selections show the quality of the recordings. I wonder just how good this thing is. Also is 44.1kHx/16bit better than itunes quality?
1-20 of 26 Results