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  1. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Hey, I hope I found the right forum here for that. However, currently I am having a homework being to design a prototype for an app, that could be developed for classical music. So the end result shall be something similar to Spotify, but for classical music. As the design should fit the needs...
  2. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I have one older post which I want to edit, is that possible? Many thanks and sorry for this kind of question:tiphat:
  3. Opera
    Last year I watched this DVD of some opera, it was very good. Don't remember the name. So maybe you will know which one it is, or where to find it ? The opera is relatively new I think from recent years. It has a few main singers, most are women. It's in portuguese or spanish. Sometimes there...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm from China and love classical musics. I'm still exploring world of classical music, and my favorite composer is Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. As a new user, I wonder whether we can discuss classical music all over the world, such as some classic ones in China's history, or the...
  5. Music Theory
    Is there a name for the scale D-Eb-F#-G-A-Bb-C#-D?
  6. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    The question doesn't need any clarification I think.
  7. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Sellout can be defined as "a betrayal of one's principles for reasons of expedience", in this case, artistic expediency. The question I ask here is whether do you think or have examples of composers selling out? It can be a difficult question but I think a necessary question that can help to...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Orchestra works with modern instruments. For example I have a Brandenburg Concertos cd that uses period piece instruments. Have they been done with full orchestra using modern instruments? I apologize for perhaps a silly question.....I am wading into the ocean that is classical music :)
  9. Off Topic Pub
    The rules are: Somebody comes up with an answer to an unknown question, then the next poster comes up with the question that was just answered. Then that poster, or somebody else, comes up with a new answer, and the next poster makes up the question for that answer etc. The answer is: Because...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    This question was inspired by a comment from superhorn in another thread. Images of musicians covered in dust and cobwebs scouring ancient archives in an attempt to find anything that hasn't been recorded to CD yet. This is not a criticism, I know there's a wealth of good music that hasn't...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    This used to be a popular BBC 4 show. I dunno, maybe it still is. Anyway, several years ago, I met some guy (no, I didn't meet myself:)--it was some journalist or other) at a small dinner party and damned if he didn't ask me what my one desert island disc would be. Well, I gave him an answer...
  12. Off Topic Pub
    A simple question.
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi everybody ! I have just registered to the Forum and I am ready to pose a silly question -- and to apologize for it as well. And the question is : Anybody knows who was the Alexis to whom Johann N. Hummel dedicated the famous composition ? You can find almost everything in the network, but...
  14. Opera
    OK... I don't know if there is serious debate over this topic, but I have thought about it for the last several hours, and I was wondering what you all thought. So this is my question: Massenet's Manon or Puccini's Manon Lescaut? Which is better? And why?
  15. Opera
    What is YOUR favorite opera/operas?
  16. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Pick a composer, any. Your favorite or ones you dislike. Do you ever critically question why they wrote the piece or why they wrote certain parts that they did? Or do you just accept any creativity that came (or comes) from them? Maybe you question why did Bach pursue a technical composition...
1-16 of 36 Results