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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    These composers have grabbed my attention. So in simple words, where I should I start with them? Thank you in advance.
  2. Opera
    What's the connecting theme between these opera's? There may be more thank one. A theme may not necessarily use all 5 of the opera's.... * Candide - Bernstein * Beatrice & Benedict - Berlioz * Merry wives of Windsor - Nicolai * L'elisir d'amore - Donizetti * Midsummer Night's Dream - Britten
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Some questions are just too huge to ask, but...what topics have we discussed here so often, and with so little profit, that saying anything further would be, well, you know. Obviously this thread may go on for a while. Awards will be given.
  4. Opera
    So some of you who have been here for a long time might remember that mamascarlatti and amfortas have done three installments of the 30-Day opera challenge. I have decided to do a fourth installment. So, without further adieu, the opera challenge info: There are 30 questions, one for each day...
  5. Percussion and Other Instruments
    Does anyone know if there's a percussion demonstration video (or a book) somewhere that demonstrates the more unusual percussion instruments being used today? I have a degree in comp (BM, University of Oregon 1987.) I took a percussion class that focused on HOW to play ... This is not what I...
  6. Off Topic Pub
    Another one of those delightful quizzes. Fascinating to look at the assumptions behind the questions.
  7. Keyboard Instruments
    I have been considering trying to do a solo piano performance later this year (I have never done solo piano performances, but am an experienced performer), but I have a few questions about it. How good do you need to be to consider doing a solo piano performance? Is it fine to be a reasonable...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    I have a couple of questions regarding the history of vibrato. 1. About what year did vibrato start? 2. If it was around in the Baroque or Classical eras, was it popular, occasional to be used, hated or none of the above? 3. About when did vibrato became part of the modern technique for string...
1-8 of 9 Results