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  1. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Is there a quick way? Currently I have 7 (4+3), one from something that happened ages and ages ago and another for a 'first offence.' However, these are limiting my enjoyment of the site and its features....rather than having to wait it off, I'd like to know, is there are quicker way of deleting...
  2. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello everyone, Does anyone please recognize this piece, it's actually performed vocally, but I wrote this piece to give you an idea about its starting. You may be surprising about how someone can perform this by his voice (it's very quick!), but that's an interesting feature of the song: its...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    By compilation I mean recordings that have bits and and parts of various works by any composer all thrown in. Often this is done based on a "common theme". Favorite arias of Verdi, Best of Mozart, Handel's Greatest Hits, Best of Chopin often to show off a particular singer or soloist. But other...
1-3 of 3 Results