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  1. Off Topic Pub
    QUIZ I got a rating of mildly addicted to caffeine, but think I am worse than that, but my lower consumption (about 3 cups a day) helped me get a lower rating.
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Think you know French music? From the salon to the symphony hall, from the opera to the ballet, the French have given us some great music. But, how much French music do YOU know? Try this little quiz. I got 15/20 and surprised myself.
  3. Off Topic Pub
    ASD: Autism spectrum disorder. A series of compelling genetic studies and it's correlation with our own quiz scores. One might notice while taking the quiz that there are numerous questions in there that aren't standard criteria for diagnosis, but they are queries...
  4. Off Topic Pub
    I had a look through the website where Taggart found the "Is you brain male or female" quiz, and came across this one: How good is your memory?
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Well then, we've had a few easy quizzes, let's move it up a notch, shall we? Here's a quiz then to see how well you can distinguish stylistic fingerprints between Papa and Wolfie. Be warned, it is rather a long process. My own score? Outstanding!
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Here's an interesting quiz. I got 15 out of 20.
  7. Off Topic Pub
    No not music, that's why it's in the community forum. How well do you know the human body? Take this quiz and let's see if you can name all 13 organs! I got 13/13.
  8. Off Topic Pub
    William Shakespeare is widely acknowledged as the greatest writer in the English language. So the only fitting way to truly honour his legacy is a truly English endeavour: a good old quiz. How well do you know your William? Are you brainy about the Bard? Take the quiz and find out.
  9. Off Topic Pub
    Take the Bible Story Quiz. I got 13 of 13 for "Bible Brilliance!"
  10. Off Topic Pub
    Take this little Yorkshire trivia quiz and see how many you can get right! I got (all right) So over to you ...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I got 4/6. What about you?
  12. Opera
    I just found this fun quiz - take it and share your results! Sadly, I'm not Scarpia, but I am Figaro which isn't altogether awful :cool:
  13. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Classical Music Quiz How well do you know classical music? Answers next week. 1. What year was Ludwig van Beethoven Born? 2. What year did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Die? 3. What Opera did Mozart compose in 1791 4. Which biblical named piece is Handel's most famous work? 5. What town did...
1-13 of 13 Results