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  1. Non-Classical Music
    Personally, I'm not that against that change in popular music because I like a lot of Rap Music which focuses in rhymes and the structure of the beat. I think there are very interesting acts today that focus on rhythm and other aspects of music.
  2. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    So I'm in a political subject, I hate it, but I want to know. There is this stupid law called ACTA protecting of artist contents, but it's not fair play to all. See once I made a video whit some J.s Bach buried in the background, in less than 20 minutes i receive a warning of facebook pull it...
  3. Non-Classical Music
    I wouldn't call myself a fan or follower of it but I find a couple of songs I like now and then.
  4. Non-Classical Music
    I've heard some experimental rap music lately and it's not that bad. I can't relate to anything those "rappers" say though.
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Very exciting new discoveries here. Just found that rap music and the classical world have collided here. and A1 sauce in my book. So happy today :).
  6. Off Topic Pub
    Here is a thread to post your TC rap lyrics: my pal clavi started off with one.
  7. Non-Classical Music
    I just wanted to share that I haven't been to many non-classical concerts in my life but here is a list... When I was at Yale graduate school, I went to Toad's to watch rap concerts of 1) Common 2) Talib Kweli 3) Prince Paul (best rap show ever) 4) De La Soul without Prince Paul 5) Ugly...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
  9. Non-Classical Music
    I love Broadway music and POP. But this is first time I did rap. Any advice? :wave:
1-9 of 9 Results