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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    You don't know who own the vynil in the first place, you let your imagination run wild look, I have an Orlandus de Lassus\Josquin Desprez Lp of 1950 concert Hall society, and there is a marker stain on the sleeve in front in the upper era. So I let my imagination run wild and imagine a thing...
  2. Recorded Music and Publications
    An unusual record store -- in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Tchaikovsky Sym. #7 (Semyon Bogatyrev): Any of you listen to this very much? I became used to the Ormandy/Philadelphia record when it first came out and still prefer it. I spin it a few times per year.
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Those of you who are devout classical music collectors will no doubt know about the Berkshire Record Outlet, which for many years now has offered some great deals on thousands of CDs and LPs. For some months the Outlet has been unavailable for selling due to warehouse relocation. Apparently...
  5. Non-Classical Music
    The thing is whit these pesky snob record shop here is they a ran by run by $%&"$ and the service is terrible they treat you like crap basically.I order an arcana box-set for 5 or 6 month now at a record store in montreal iis this a ******* joke, how long dose this take for a darn cd to cross...
  6. Recorded Music and Publications
    An interesting article from Andrew Quint at The Absolute Sound. All I can say is, I sure hope the recording technique discussed in the article that is used by Mike Pappas to record the CSO, does not catch on. The last paragraph pretty much nails my feelings...
  7. Recorded Music and Publications
    Record Store Day is an annual event and many record stores run sales on this day.
  8. Non-Classical Music
    A dude at a record store said loreena mckennitt ''an ancient muse'' sound like DcD.So i had to investigate the mather.So i heard it on YouTube wow,very nice indeed it sound like DcD quite a bit. I order the cd at a local independant record store they said it was gonna be fast. I had one record...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    I bought this Hildegard von Bingen cd on jade records called '' Le marriage du ciel et de la terre'' wow this is awesome, it feature Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe and i was blowen away , still am... I did not think mutch of this record at first, it look ordinary,it did not stand out in...
  10. Orchestral Music
    Any suggestions for a good version of Rossini overtures? I have recently obtained them in full score; and want to study them? Did Collin Davis ever record any?
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    This is all in fun, inspired in part by an anecdote I once read about panic running through the Decca offices with the realization that the aging Ernst Ansermet was running out of repertory to record. ("What happens when he comes to us wanting to record Beethoven?!") Well, we've been through...
  12. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Before the LP era (or rather, the 78 rpms and cylinder recordings), there were superstars on the podium proven to be great Wagnerians (like opera singers, conductors were looked at as superstars in those days, just ask Erica Slezak, goddaughter of Alma Mahler and granddaughter of Leo Slezak, a...
  13. Opera
    I love her singing so much. Her Verdi MacBeth is my favorite and her cold, near vibrato-less tone just penetrates my heart fiercely every time I hear her. A legend and sadly enough didn't record enough.
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    As I am a new member to the forum I feel this may be a bit presumptuous of me to start a thread. However as there are already "Current Listening" and "Latest Purchases" threads I think it could prove quite useful to have a thread dedicated to upcoming releases. Currently my work and family...
  15. Non-Classical Music
    Ockay here the thing dont think im some supersticieous dude , that see satanic music in everything... But a paranormal event occur while lisening to an american doom band name Warhorse. Musically speaking, the band was top notch, sabbathian musicianship(black sabbath) and middle eastern melody...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    How come when your looking for an obscure composer they never have it in stock, store like hmv. The major problem is useless pop like celine dion take all the space, everyone that like celine dion most have the record available in zillion copy but when your looking for an interresting composer...
  17. Orchestral Music
    Hi all!! I started a discussion with a friend and we didn't come to a conclusion. About the 9th, which record is your call? Cheers
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    Meaning: rare pricy expensive vynil or cd, do you have record extremely limited, i was looking for a record of Luigi russolo unfortunetly its not available anywhere on the web or import in store, i only found a german cd whit russolo works and its very rare and unavailable, i would kill to get...
1-18 of 19 Results