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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    My Lp player odd , the thing can read 33'' , 45'' and 78'' LP, but 78'' LP dont exist anymore??? How wierd, this mean my 7'' inch are useless i will have to get rid of them, i search the web for 78'' LP for sale i founded none ? neither on ebay or discogs, who still have 78'' LP here on talk...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and just looking for some information regarding a book containing what i think are phonograph records we found in the loft of an old house. They contain works by Mozart and there are i think about 7 or 8 records in this book, thicker than vinyl records, all...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Dose it p*** you off when your looking for something and it's out of print an unavailable anywhere Look at claude Vivier's lonely child this is awesome one major problem this is unavailable even in quebec since he is a quebecer of french canadian, what i mean is he from quebec and he's hard to...
  4. Recorded Music and Publications
    Sorry to see them go. :(
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Not sure if this is quite the right place for such a thread. I'll defer to the mods to move it if warranted. Anyhoo, I have very few of Richter's records in my ever-expanding collection, even though I recognize he is one of the greats. I think I've realized the main reason why: I find his...
  6. Opera
    A veteran performer and he was once the oldest performing tenor in the Guinness book of records. You got to :tiphat: for the man.
  7. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    If aliens came to the earth and destroyed all records of music except for one single century of classical music, which one would you keep?
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Most of us own classical music cds or records, I'm sure; and many own boxed sets. Would you describe the cds or records that you own as 'a collection'? Or just as an assemblage of items that you happen to like? If it's 'a collection', does that mean it specialises in something? All the music...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    One of my all-time favorite records -- Bréville & Canteloube: Violin Sonatas -- is listed on Hyperion Records' "Please someone buy me..." web page, with the humiliating text: Here are our "top 10" albums which no one-at all, worldwide-has bought from us for the longest period of time. It...
  10. Non-Classical Music
    I am interested in hearing recordings of real, traditional folk music in its original context. Too many records or albums of folk music have that very polished, studio atmosphere and lack the vitality of a true folk setting. Either that or the songs themselves are watered down or 'polished' in...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    Today as downloaded like 10-11 albums via iTunes at the Harmon's supermarket I thought about how "tragic" that online classical music stores could be gotten in the most mundane of places-- the supermarket. However that isn't a bad thing as I can access virtually classical music CD/album without...
1-11 of 12 Results