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  1. Religious Music
    I was re-reading GoneBaroque's post from ten years ago about the Greater Westfield Choral Association's 35th anniversary Spring Concert. It's hard to believe it was that long ago. We just performed our 45th anniversary concert, which featured the world premiere of a choral Mass that I...
  2. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can anyone recognize this?
  3. Religious Music
    What are your favorite Stabat Maters? Listening to Charles Villiers Stanford - Stabat Mater (1906). I found this interesting page: The author mentions her husband had 211 stabat mater cds.
  4. Religious Music
    I went looking for a thread that talked about the various forms of Mass that one might find in the body of classical music and I couldn't find one. I know there is the Wiki page on the Mass form: but it is a bit thick and I think individuals'...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Has far has my knowledge goes madrigal seem made for a small units of musician while motet it can be 40 person, this is what i know or presume to know.Than a motet seem religious a madrigal seem less religious. That about it on what i know about the subject? But am i correct on the affored...
  6. Religious Music
    Here is my anecdote ,bare whit me im not lying, i have been attack by at least two demons in my life , i have clear memory of what iseen happen , once i was struck in the middle of the chest by this formless entity i felt a blow, i was 25 yrs , 10 years later way mutch worst would happen... I...
  7. Religious Music
    Music, especially that of Baroque and pre-Baroque eras, has been strongly associated to religion. In fact, much of the 14th and 15th Century compositions are either religiously functional or functionally religious. Before plunging into the Renaissance, music had a few different innovative...
1-7 of 7 Results