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  1. Opera
    She is my favorite soprano of the current generation. I know she is known as a Mozart/Strauss specialist, but would you call her just a lyric soprano, or would you add some qualifier to that designation. She has both moderate size and flexibility . I saw her in a recital with the Seattle...
  2. Opera
    Vocal Score only Lady Harriet's part "die letzen Rose"- Martha - Friedrich von Flotow Hello everyone! Does anybody know where can I get a hold of Lady Harriet's "die letzen Rose" part? I have found the whole ballad with Lyonel in it, but I want the vocal score Renée Fleming sings. It sounds...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    A great performance by Renee Fleming: Song to the Moon
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    One of my favorite recordings is violinist, Midori's Carnegie Hall debut which includes "Variations on The last Rose of Summer". For anyone who loves the violin it's a must watch. Also, listen to an amazing performance by Renee Fleming: The Last Rose of Summer
1-4 of 4 Results