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  1. Opera
    For the Wagnerians in the group! Opera critic and philosopher Michael Tanner discusses what he considers to be the best books on Richard Wagner, with a detailed interview discussing his life and operas:
  2. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    Would you like to see in the market any of the Wagner Rings conducted by Daniel Barenboim? Like a CD version of the Scala ring? A BBC or Universal release of the 2013 Proms concert? Still nostalgic of the Bayreuth 91/92? I'd like to be more precise. There is still no release of the Proms 2013...
  3. Opera
    Considering the choices of cast, orchestra and continuity, which is your favourite Studio Ring without counting praised Decca Solti? Please stick to the topic. I already know the joys of the historical Bayreuth 1950s rings. Thanks DA.
  4. Opera
    Gentlepersons: 3-day weekend taking place, so I'm hoping to do a "potted" (amalgam) Ring from my available sources. Here's what I own, what would you recommend? Full cycles: Krauss 1953 on Archipel CD Keilberth - 1955 on Testament CD Jankowski - first digital cycle on RCA CD Furtwangler -...
  5. Opera
    I've decided to try a plunge into deep Wagner nerdiness and am looking for a book recommendation. What I'm really after is something covering the Ring cycle with strong analytical coverage of the music (plenty of musical examples please) as I'll be reading it alongside the scores.
  6. News, Concerts and Events
    Being for the benefit of dedicated discussion of the upcoming Met in HD theatre-cast of Das Rheingold- October 9, 2010 All are welcome to share contributions here- but a special invitation is extended to those who have committed to attending this event! Your anticipations- your concerns-...
1-6 of 6 Results