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  1. Non-Classical Music
    This list and its accompanying poll encompass what I believe to be the best artists/bands in the Jazz Fusion genre. And yes, this is yet another shameless and petty attempt to rank artists ... and a celebration of the best in the genre!
  2. Non-Classical Music
    Paul McCartney remembering how he composed Michelle by The Beatles in a conversation with Rick Rubin.
  3. Non-Classical Music
    In Soviet Russia music listens to you! And then it leaks what it heard online... For your ears only! Got any Russian compromat on your hands there, comrade? Feel free to chime in! Let's start in style! Red Alert 3 - Soviet March (TRUE EPIC RUSSIAN COVER)
  4. Non-Classical Music
    Check that out so funny, ya that the spirit ma femme ma laisser? :lol: OMG cult status of the funniest, what a hat too
  5. Non-Classical Music
    I'm a fan of german progressive of the 70'', I discover CAN way before Neu!, whit Tago Mago & Monster movie, truelly genius albums, but I prefer Neu! for a reason that eluded me, Even if CAN were more prolific, how about you guys? I mean Neu! were after all the inventor o: psychedelic...
  6. Non-Classical Music
    These guys truly rock N rolls, Sludge purist, but now they become a bit math-rock (wait did I just said math-rock, blasphemy, this is so pretentious term) let's call them neo-prog. For fan of Gore of The Netherlands please enjoy folks, there 3 song demon kill & there first E.P too, on Sound...
  7. Non-Classical Music
    Well please, you know me by now, I like to hear crap in order to have fun and enjoy more music of taste, what is so so so bad, it makes you laugh unstoppable, I want to hear stuff and says, men or lady you almost killed me? What far worst than Michel Louvain, David Hasselhoff, Demis Roussos...
  8. Non-Classical Music
    From Sarajevo, what a pretty town, I know Teno singer and guitar player of the band, earlier state of the band was punk-rock, mid-period was heavy noise-rock ala SWANS (NYC), Full of ultra-heavy guitar riffs. Try the Album Gentle art of fire, or their live album it's there best ever...
  9. Non-Classical Music
    Was is very very(neologism needed) intense, furious, hard grinding riffs, instrumental rock that border sludge, Imagine Coloured Balls on the steroid of nowaday, what is the news bands whit this formula, name instrumental rock band that reeks insane power cords, progressive, heavy beyond heavy...
  10. Non-Classical Music
    If rock was essential coming from Blues-rock and old Black Rock N Rolls who were the first Nerd-Rockers, whit a super nerdy look, arsenal, thick rim glasses, pocket protector everything, I want to know, I'm nerdy i don't have anything against nerds and see them as intellectuals. Anyway, I want...
  11. Non-Classical Music
    My favorite pop-rock,synth-pop (keyboard blueprint of the 80''. Intelligent and catchy lyrics, poetic = genius My favorites include: L'm , L'éclaircie, Si j'aurrai voulu te dire*(my favorite of them) Receuillement(made on a nice great poem of Baudelaire fame). Bonsoir la France,venant de ce...
  12. Non-Classical Music
    I want to upset Michael Gira and prove to him Swans were inspired by Glenn Branca two Bands before Swans Theoretical Gurls and the other one I have but forgot the name and whit exhaustion collection cannot and will not search, I'm tired my spine need rest, I think it's called: The Statics if...
  13. Non-Classical Music
    Another pointless list -- but they're fun, are they not? Frank Zappa King Crimson Can Levin Minnemann Rudess Soft Machine Yes Stick Men Pink Floyd Wire Television
  14. Non-Classical Music
    Skullflower news release:Exquisite (wword)ing boredom & Orange Canyon Mind post 2# Ah skullflower, some release are fabuleeous in there back cataalogue and mid catalogueee(there output. But im here to talk aaabout these two releases ,well thhere guitar laden noise-rrock\ psychedelic rock...
  15. Non-Classical Music
    We know Freddie Mercury was an amazing frontman. Talking about their music, what do you think about it?
  16. Non-Classical Music
    Favorite song? Favorite album? What do you think about him?
  17. Non-Classical Music Greetings friends. Here is the link to a radio broadcast about Pain of Salvation. Because there is certainly salvation in music :)
  18. Non-Classical Music
    I realized that I had a lot of this kind of pop music but then looking more carefully, it seems I have more of it from the 1960s. Some of it might just sound "sweet" but not innovative, but I've found that "sweetness" in music is usually a sign of great control or great conscious choice not...
1-19 of 47 Results