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  1. Opera
    thought I'd expand on SeattleOpera's thread and ask what type of voice is right for a few controversial roles. what type of voice is right for: 1) Carmen 2) Norma 3) Don Giovanni 4) Adelgisa 5) Queen of the Night 6) Klytemnestra 7) Kundry 8) Verdi Requiem (soprano lead) feel free to include a...
  2. Opera
    What opera would you most like to see in a good production with good singers, but don't think you will? Mine would be Norma. I just don't think we have a soprano who can do te role justice like Callas did. Truly great Normas are rare.
  3. Off Topic Pub
    From a different place: Battleship (2012). Redefines stupid. What happened to Liam Neeson's riches that he had to accept a role in this unutterable turkey?
  4. Opera
    I have a Sonnambula DVD in which the reviews on Amazon say the tenor is not very good, but I think they may misunderstand the role of Elvino. According to one review: So the question for TC opera fans: Is Jose Bros a good Elvino (You Tube)? Here is another clip with more of Jose Bros.
  5. Opera
    So, what's the hardest opera role ever in your opinion? Choose one or few, or maybe choose an another role, sorry if there's not enough of them. I'll go to Brünnhilde.
1-5 of 5 Results