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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    This guy displays an extremely high level of singing, but I don't recognize him. Any ideas? Sounds like late 1920s or early 1930s, but sometimes Soviet recording technology made things sound older than they were.
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Some of Shostakovich's String Quartets, with which I am currently obsessed, bear the marks of klezmer, and/or gypsy melodies and rhythms. Besides SQs from names like Schnittke or Bartok, which other composers have drawn from folk/klezmer music?
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Gliere remind me of some sort of miix crossover between Zemlinsky & Rimsky-korsakov? Heck to be honest & humble I don't know much about the Romantic Era I lack in knowledge but as far as I know of,Gliere music akin to Zemlinsky and Korsakov for fantasy theme, sounding Russian, yes, this is my...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello everyone. I'm a fairly new listener to classical music, but the things that have really gripped me (Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev) have done so in such a manner that I can not picture my further life without them. Now I'm looking for something similar to Prokofiev's Concerto no 2. The thing...
  5. Identifying Classical Music
    I only have a mp3 audio fragment of it. I would like it very much to know the composer and title. Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've been a classical music dilettante for years now, but I've come here today with a specific question. I'm spending the whole year learning about Russian history, Russian writers and also Russian music. I'd really love to discover some new composers but I feel the...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    In case you don't know who Myaskovsky is: Myaskovsky is a Soviet Russian composer who is considered the "Father of Soviet Symphony" after his 27 symphonies. He wrote numerous other works included seven string quartets. He was the professor of composition at Moscow Conservatory from 1921 till he...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    In case you are interested in Russian music, I found this really interesting feature they have at primephonic. A lot of great articles and insights! If I had to pick one, who would be the most relevant Russian composer?
  9. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi, I'm desperately looking for the name of the piece/composer of a music. It starts in E major, composed by a Russian composer, and the notes start with: E F# G# A E D# C# B... The name includes the word "night" probably in Russian. I used to have a paper copy of the note but now lost it and...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    I heard of classical composers from western europe , but what about eastern europe and russia? All i know about the russian music start whit tchaikovsky before him russian classical seem foggy. What about medieval, renaissance or baroque music of russia.Ockay there is probably baroque classical...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I know, I know, everyone's tired of seeing the same old "underrated composer" thread. But to add a little twist, in your opinion, what are some Russian (and only Russian) Composers who don't get enough credit? And what are some of your favorite pieces by them?
  12. Vocal Music
    Here is a challenge for you: Let's find and gather all choral works with orchestra that are inspired by Russian Orthodox chant style or featuring these in some way. It does not have to be a sacred piece, it can be secular - either way. Traditionally the Russian Orthodox church does not like...
  13. Non-Classical Music
    I have a demo of 3 song made by a mysterious band called neutral wood i can find any info on the web, but the 3 track are awesome , does someone know more about this than me or speak russian and can located this obscure darkwave folk band from greater russia all does they sing in English. The...
  14. News, Concerts and Events
    I'm used to seeing them advertised at UK concerts. Do they have them everywhere else? Do you go? I like to go to them if I can. They vary a lot, but there's always something new to learn. I think the best ones examine the works and detail parts which you might not have heard properly before. A...
  15. Non-Classical Music
    I've recently taken an interest in pop music - namely, German and Russian pop (Louisan, Cro, 5sta Family, and so on. I think these artists are worth a listen - if you do decide to, I'd love to hear what you think of them!). I think it's really interesting with what they do with their music, and...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could help me locate this musical piece found in Russian Presidential Inaugurations & Events. (Music starts at the 18:55 mark and ends at 19:50) Thank You all!
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    Looking for stuff similar to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Hindu song" from the opera "Sadko" Hello ! Does anyone know of anything like The Hindu Guest in Sadko by Rimsky-Korsakov? I also really like Sheherazade. So, I suppose I'm lookgin for classical music with oriental influences. Any ideas? thanks :)
  18. Composer Guestbooks
    Hello! I'd like to start a thread devoted to the famous russian composer Georgy V. Sviridov. His music is a precious part of our russian culture. If you are interested in russian classics you should get familiar with Sviridov's works. They are really memorable and have our national flavour. I...
1-19 of 22 Results