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  1. Music Theory
    Hello! There is a raga called Puriya Dhanashree and was wondering If anyone knows a similar scale to this in western music. The notes are C Db E F# G Ab B C Thanks Chi
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    The ascending piano chromatic scales in the first movement of Brahms PC #2 don't fit. :confused: I think i've only heard Kovacevich fit them in time. There is one around minute 8 and one at the ending at least, just off the top of my head.
  3. Religious Music
    Hi! The scale presented in the Musica enchiriadis is quite peciular as it repeats every fifth and not octave. Wikipedia dismisses this simply as an error by the author which is quite a bold statement given that the book seems to have been distributed widely in Europe. Does anyone can tell me...
  4. Music Theory
    Is there a name for the scale D-Eb-F#-G-A-Bb-C#-D?
  5. Music Theory
    How to know the scale of a song? I mean, for example de scale: "E Major", and all the other ones Can you give me any web or videos with sound (audio) of the different scale results please? to ear and difference by ear between each one scale please?
  6. Off Topic Pub
    I would say 'explain', but the response itself is explanation enough IMO....I think I would probably be the octatonic.
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello everyone. I really enjoy hearing music making use of exotic scales, such as the Phrygian Dominant scale, and other gypsy scales. But I'm having a difficult time finding instrumental music that makes use of these types of scales. I suppose it's music you'd hear in like Aladdin, because it's...
  8. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    A thread specifically for new music fans. Because seeing large scale premieres is much less common than small scale premieres I would be interested to know if one is generally preferred over the other. New orchestral works and operas are very exciting, but I think there is a very different...
1-8 of 8 Results