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  1. Opera
    Be honest. There are some (many?) operas you watch or listen to, only because you're interested in one or two particular things. Moments, scenes, arias, or maybe you just want to see how something is staged. The rest of it, you don't give as much of crap about. For me: Aida: 1) To see...
  2. Opera
    I read that Beethoven had intended for the finale of Fidelio to start within 7 seconds of the last note of the Leonore and Florestan duet. A practice was begun to insert the Leonore #3 overture in between these two parts to accommodate the scene change (from dungeon to prison parade grounds)...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    in the bad santa movie, the scene where willie steals a car from valet parking and drives to the guy's mansion. I'm looking for the song playing in that scene
  4. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can I know the name of music or the name of musican? from the minute 15:27 (Ballroom dance scene exactly)
  5. Opera
    You just can't leave out Puccini! Your favorite scene or moment. Mine is the Poker Scene in Fanciulla del West
  6. Opera
    I hope Itullian doesn't mind his idea being extended. Your favourite Verdi scene or moment? Let's try to make a single instance per post rather than lists. To kick things off.... From Don Carlo O Don Fatale by Princess Eboli The great stage-to-herself three part aria with a grand high note...
  7. Opera
    What's the most funniest opera you've ever seen? What's the scene that even the hundredth time still make you laugh?
1-7 of 8 Results