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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi everyone. I have been searching for a while information of a recording that i found on youtube of Mozart's Requiem. I reviewed a lots of different version that i found in comments or forums, but none is. If anyone know, this person will help me so much. The Youtube link : Thanks everyone.
  2. Identifying Classical Music
    Our local library is connected with an mp3 service where you receive a handful of weekly downloads / week from their collection. It has an OK search menu, but I will often take random searches. Recently I downloaded several tracks from an album called Ode to the Red Flag. Unfortunately, the...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi a bunch of people I know would love to know who composed this so we can search for more work by him/her. I would be so grateful for any help you can provide I've been searching fruitlessly for two hours. =( please email me at [email protected] Or reply to this please! thank you for your...
  4. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I am being blocked from accessing the TC site using my normal search engine. I have well over 100 bookmarks and the TC page is the only one I cannot access. I have used a different search engine and got on TC immediately without issue. Is it possible that someone has blocked my access to TC...
  5. Non-Classical Music
    Hey! post some of your favorite lyrics or lyrics you have written each other and give each other advice. here is lyrics i wrote for a black metal song I'm writing with my friend who plays the keyboard/piano. please give me some advice! Meaningless anomalies Constant awareness Living around lies...
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    hello my first one^^... ok i searching the name of this song. at the end of this lufthansa commercial
1-6 of 6 Results