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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    What is the first song in this? Appears at :07 seconds in. I know that I know it, but can't figure it out exactly!!
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Sometimes when I listen to a brand new work, within seconds into the music I think to myself, this sounds awesome and I think this trio, symphony, quartet or whichever piece of music I am listening to, is going to be awesome! And immediately my interest for it amplifies a thousand-fold and I can...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi, I've been on here for 30 minutes and have learned so much. I would greatly appreciate help in identifying this. I hear it every day and it is driving me nuts just being able to hear only 6 seconds of it. I want more! LOL It plays in the first 6 seconds 0:01 - 0:06 Here is the link: At...
  4. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I've just been told that "This forum requires that you wait 21600 seconds between posts." What?! Edit: How come I can post here?
  5. Orchestral Music
    Hi I am new to orchestral music. I don't really know many composers or different styles of orchestral music, so I figured I'd join and ask here. I really like the part at 4:52 of this soundtrack. Unfortunately that part only lasts a few seconds. So I want to find similar pieces or composers...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Your Fairy Godmother has just granted you one wish, i.e. to be able to conduct your favourite orchestra in a program of your choosing. You now have 60 seconds in which to decide what that will be and to let us know. Edited... If you want soloists and/or chorus, you can have them, just tell us who
1-6 of 6 Results