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  1. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Not unlike Varese, Dutilleux's core of musical works can be summarized with a dozen or less titles. [Ideal for a poll with its maximum of 15 entries :) ] Please select the one piece by Dutilleux which you like/listen to the most. My fave is Timbres, Espace, Mouvement.
  2. Non-Classical Music
    Pick your five favorite, of my favorite Beatles and Rolling Stone songs. You don’t have to vote evenly, you can select all Beatles if you want. But only select up to five altogether. I’ll explain later. *16 minute medley of short songs of side 2: "You Never Give Me Your Money", “Sun King"...
  3. Opera
    When one selects novels or movies, they are conveniently sorted into genres, such as action, fantasy, romance, comedy, historical, etc. Clearly, I wouldn't select a romance novel for my reading, while I would select an action or historical one. I recognize that opera is not just a story, but is...
1-3 of 3 Results