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  1. Announcements
    It has been on the planning table for a long time, but tomorrow it's finally going to happen: Talk Classical will be moved to a new and much faster server! When everything is up and running and any and all teething problems bound to happen has been weeded out, the general user experience should...
  2. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Apparently, it is considered a breach of copyright if we upload pictures of e.g. CD covers to the server of this board. Would it not make sense then to have as a default choice when uploading pictures from an url, NOT to upload them to the server of this board, but link directly to the original?
  3. Hi-Fi
    My heart leapt into my throat yesterday. I was upgrading a drive in the disk array in my media server and my entire music library volume came up missing. The volume wasn't booting and it was asking to reformat. Over two years worth of music playing 24/7 and no backup besides the disk array...
  4. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    4'08pm pst..................
  5. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Got server busy again at 3'10 pst.
  6. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    just got a server busy pop up.
1-6 of 7 Results