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  1. Solo & Chamber Music
    I have a few of these transcriptions by Liszt from Wagner's operas; I think there are 16 in all. The ones I have are by Barenboim on DGG. Does anyone have any sets that they like in particular? I'd prefer to get a complete set. Thanks.
  2. Recorded Music and Publications
    Rubenstien, Perahia, Askenazy, others?
  3. Recorded Music and Publications
    I found this..... They include concerts that were broadcast on radio. I was wondering if there are any other box sets that include either all radio broadcasts or at least a good selection.
  4. Solo & Chamber Music
    Just thinking about Bach's 2 book masterpiece. As much as I love them, I'm still not familiar with the set enough to have many specific preludes and fugues to stand out as "favorites". I'm still at a point where, excluding maybe a small handful of sets, I can't easily distinguish the works apart...
  5. Orchestral Music
    We all know there are a plethora box sets out there... ranging from complete cycles of the various composers to sets like Mercury's Living Stereo Series, and everything in between. Some are sumptuously packaged but perhaps fail to deliver in sound or content, while others really deliver the...
  6. Solo & Chamber Music
    Does anyone own the complete set? Is it worthwhile? I know Kempff sets a high standard with this, I'm just not familiar with the early sonatas and don't know if that's a worthy endeavor. I'm a touch hooked on boxed sets... What say you fine folk? Edit: sorry for the feminization of his first...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Three great 20th century composers, but you're allowed only one album for each of them. So which three albums do you choose? No box sets -- that's cheating!
  8. Conductors & Conducting
    I just happened on an old edition of Classic Recordings Quarterly which had an interesting article on the Conductor Karl Ristenpart. Many of us first learned Bach's Brandenbergs and Orchestral Suites via his recordings. Apparently his repetoire was very broad and he was a bit of a Mahler...
  9. Opera
    Does every opera start with an overture? I recently acquired a CD set of Tosca and it goes right to vocals> I was surprised at that. The overture sets the tone for the opera to come, or so I believe. What is your favorite overture and why?
  10. Music Theory
    Set theory is simply a listing of all possible 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 note sets. From WIK: Musical set theory provides concepts for categorizing musical objects and describing their relationships. Many of the notions were first elaborated by Howard Hanson (1960) in connection with...
  11. Orchestral Music
    This has has probably been done here a few times, but when I did a search nothing came up. In another thread bigshot opined that he was having problems finding what he considered to be great recrodings of Sibelius. Lets help him out with some recommendations. First, regarding complete sets...
  12. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hello, I am looking for suggestions on worthwhile huge boxed sets. Best Karajan & Solti sets would be appreciated.
  13. Recorded Music and Publications
    For me, it is easily the 144 discs comprising the complete Artur Rubenstein. I don't think that I have seen a box set for a performer that was as prolific. We are not including box sets for a single composer as we know that probably Bach complete would be the winner...
  14. Solo & Chamber Music
    I see that we have two versions of the complete Scarlatti box sets... one by Scott Ross and another cycle by Pieter-Jan Belder. I am thinking about picking up both cycles on a bargain if possible. I heard that Scott Ross is a true legend for this tour de force.
1-14 of 14 Results