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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi all. I'm looking for the name of the composition which you can hear in the TV show Dr. Quinn. Here's the link (S04E11): P. S. In the video they say it is the same song like in another episode, but it's not true. I've checked it out.
  2. Solved Cases (archive)
    These are two pieces of orchestra/classical music I heard in the background of a show. I'm pretty sure the first one is an actual classical piece, the second one is very brief and may just be some background music made for the show. At least that is my guess. If anyone can tell me what they are...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi! Heard this piece of music in an episode of the television show 'Oz' but can't figure out what it is. I called it baroque in the title because to me it definitively sounds baroque, but I might be terribly wrong. Tried Shazam and Soundhound, neither recognizes it. I've tried to pick up some...
  4. Today's Composers
    I have recently resumed some vocal writings. Since we are in May, I'd like to show you my interpretation of a well known Marian hymn. Hope you enjoy
  5. Off Topic Pub
    Love it, hate it? Don't know about it? Downton Abbey is a great show although some of it is tough to figure out with the class structures. Who else likes this show like I do?
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    Could anyone tell me what the piano piece is that is accompanying the photo slide show of the lovely Imogen from Weeklyimogen many thanks
  7. Orchestral Music
    I just joined here, and I don't know anthing about this forum. I composed symphonic poem, which is influenced by contemporary music. I'm here because I really want to show my work and to receive evalution. All I want to know is Whether it is appropriate to show my music here or not. thank you.
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    I really want to see this: Apparently it is based on a lurid memoir... talking about sex and drugs and classical music and orchestra members. An orgy of sound I guess? The pilot looks good but I can't download on iTunes. Have to...
  9. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello everybody, I'm wondering if anyone knows which aria (if any, it might be just made for the show) this is at 0:17 - 0:32 and then at 0:41 again Thank you
  10. Off Topic Pub
    I really like Comedy Central. I will miss The Colbert Report when it goes off air. I hope that The Daily Show will continue to run with Jon Stewart. Any other fans of the show?
1-10 of 11 Results