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  1. Opera
    When I first got interested in opera I hadn't listened to Tosca and I didn't know this aria. Then I got interested in Callas and stumbled on the 1953 Tosca recording. When I heard Di Stefano singing this for the first time I was blown away. After that it has became one of my favorite pieces. Di...
  2. Opera
    Opera Hour #4: Il viaggio a Reims - Gioachino Rossini From 'Rossini's Il viaggio a Reims was written rapidly in Paris in 1825 to commemorate the coronation of Charles X. Its "plot" concerns a group of international bigwigs who are waiting for their carriages at a spa near...
  3. Opera
    For me, she is a true ambassador of opera for America... and she sings better than Beverly Sills to me. A legend already for me. :) Bravo Fleming.
  4. Non-Classical Music
    One of my favorite pop singers of today. She composes her own music and plays guitar and sings. Just heavenly. Any other fans here?
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    I am trying to find a specific performance of the piece heard here: (up to 1:25) And here: (up to 1:44) The version I'm looking for is a male bass doubled by an organ singing long, sustained notes while a female voice sings "haec dies" on top (she sings the melody heard in the two videos)...
1-5 of 5 Results