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  1. Today's Composers
    Hi. Some time ago I decided to start writing music, to create something and see what happened. I don't really have composition skills, as I only have a license in solfege. So, pretty basic knowledge of theory. I had a theme in mind though and I tried to develop it, quite casually I admit. It's...
  2. Today's Composers
    Hi, I'd like to present to you the 1st mov. of my violin sonata in e-minor. For me it is one of my favourite works which I have written: (score) Gerd
  3. Identifying Classical Music
    I heard it in a podcast and they said it's a Mozart piece. I assume that it is an arrangement but not sure about it. Thanks a lot for the help!
  4. Identifying Classical Music
    can someone please help me in identifying the violin piece from this video, the music starts at 01:10: I would be grateful for any help you can offer!
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I am currently listening Beethoven sonatas (by Barenboim) and I wonder - what about sonata form in this decade (2010-2020)? Are there composers that are still writing piano sonatas, where can I find them? What are important names? Do they have more than 10 sonatas each? It seems to me that the...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Hey there, I'm Marijn, and as a big fan of classical music I started composing it myself a while back. Since I, like any artist, want other people to be able to enjoy my work I have now made a youtube channel: Classy Compositions. If you like classics from Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart...
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    Soundcloud link here: Score here: Feedback welcome!
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    I looked for a thread on this and couldn't find one so if I'm unknowingly duplicating an old thread I apologize. I am looking for recordings of Beethoven Piano Sonatas on the fortepianos of the period in which the sonatas were written. I have found this recording which has all five Piano...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Hey everyone, I made a video for Education Purposes talking about the main features of the traditional symphony or sonata, to help people (newcomers in particular) listen with greater depth. I thought some of you might enjoy it! I'm trying to create a channel devoted to Classical Music Education
  10. Keyboard Instruments
    Recently I became familiar with this sonata. The second movement, deliberately long and repetitive, is a mockery of overlong opera arias, and for me is the most amusing piece Beethoven wrote. Why is this sonata not better known?
  11. Solo & Chamber Music
    I'm interested in listening to sonatas and other duos for solo woodwind and piano. Please recommend any of your favorites. Thank You!
  12. Identifying Classical Music
    hello, i came across this wonderful solo violin piece but unfortunately am inable to identify it. Any help that you can offer will be highly appreciated. here's the youtube link: (the piece starts at 0:08) please help me!!!!
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    New to classical music, this sonata speaks to me. I particularly like the allegro section ~12 minutes in. I'm seeking more classical music that is of a similar sound to this section. Suggestions need not be limited to cello sonatas. Thank you in advance! :D
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    Listening to Riccardo Malipiero's compositions, it can hardly be said that these are twelve-tone pieces, these are in fact. Lyricism, humour and a love for contrasts, all this permeates his pieces and forges the formal structures of Malipiero's compositions. His Sonata for violin and piano...
  15. Composer Guestbooks
    1729-1783, perhaps the best known Spanish composer of the 18th century. He is known primarily for keyboard sonatas, which take after Scarlatti but with some notable differences. Definitely less concise than Scarlatti, the sonatas tend to lope along and evolve more slowly, though they work on...
  16. Musicians
    So, this is for you to post young pianists the world over who you believe to be up and coming, even if not in the biggest way possible, just whose work you admire and eagerly await to see what more they will do. Two young hot shots I have my eye on are Lucas Debargue and Daniil Trifonov. It's...
  17. Solo & Chamber Music
    I've been listening to classical music for a couple of years now and I enjoy the solo piano works a lot, probably is what I enjoy the most right now, but sometimes it is hard to find pieces that are enjoyable and that connect with you right away. I'd like to hear some recommendations, but since...
  18. Today's Composers
    I've never done a Throwback Thursday anywhere on the World Wide Web, but I have today. Here's the 2nd movement of my 2nd sonata. It's a brief scherzo that is a much needed change after a long and complicated 1st movement. It's all played (except for the last note) on a Harmon mute with its stem...
  19. Solo & Chamber Music
    Hello:) I present to you today the wonderful work of the artist Chopin Sonata for Piano is playing for you With all my love and appreciation Waiting for your comments
  20. Classical Music Discussion
    Major genres include, - the opera - symphony - concerto - string quartet, various combinations of chamber music such as piano trio, trio sonata, quintets, sextets - sonata - mass - requiem - oratorio I would expect so as I cannot think of any significant new genres and forms post mid-Romantic...
1-20 of 67 Results