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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi I watched a video on YouTube, it was Pavarotti in duet with a soprano, acting it was opera. It was a super passionate thing the two fighting very bad. Pavarotti was about 40-50 and she was wearing a pink dress maybe... It was awesome can t find it can u help?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello, fellow members Im a soprano, and Im currently looking for an easy piano + voice I can use on my piano class. The teacher doesnt really know repertoire and Im quite lost too...I need something really easy - begginers level piece, any sugestion? thanks ;)
  3. Religious Music
    Hello, do you know the piece 'Quand Je Me Repose' performed by Japanese soprano Hitomi Utamura? The music is written for soprano solo and full orchestra with French lyrics.
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi ! Here is a French piece entitled 'Quand Je Me Repose' sung by Japanese soprano Hitomi Utamura. Have you ever heard her beautiful voice?
  5. Opera
    Hello everyone, this is my first post, thanks for having me. I'm curious if anyone can recommend any audio/video on this here internet of sopranos performing tenor arias, or bass/baratone arias, either live or in the studio. I know Callas sang fragments during her Julliard sessions, which is...
  6. Non-Classical Music
    Just based off of the title alone, many of you can easily see where this is going to head. I know I'm not the only one who's sick and tired of looking at a pop singer (for this first example we're going to look at Whitney Houston) and seeing in the comment section, "OMG Everbody this is a pure...
  7. Opera
    thought I'd expand on SeattleOpera's thread and ask what type of voice is right for a few controversial roles. what type of voice is right for: 1) Carmen 2) Norma 3) Don Giovanni 4) Adelgisa 5) Queen of the Night 6) Klytemnestra 7) Kundry 8) Verdi Requiem (soprano lead) feel free to include a...
  8. Opera
    What opera would you most like to see in a good production with good singers, but don't think you will? Mine would be Norma. I just don't think we have a soprano who can do te role justice like Callas did. Truly great Normas are rare.
  9. Opera
    I have a friend who is a Dramatic Coloratura Soprano here in New Zealand and is wanting to perform in Europe but is having a hard time finding information on how to get into that performance circuit? Any ideas on how she can pursue that?
  10. Opera
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to opera as well. I'm looking for more like Elin Manahan Thomas' performance of Eternal Source of Light Divine, or Handel's Ode for Queen Anne's Birthday. Any opera or oratorio or anything else of the like witha slow, flowing soprano.
  11. Ballet
    Totally wrong board. Don't know how to delete. Sorry!
  12. Solved Cases (archive)
    In this video, what piece is the soprano singing at the start of this video (and at 1.14) Thanks! :)
  13. Classifieds
    Iosif Arshakovich Andriasov (Ovsep Andreasian) was born in Moscow, USSR, to an Armenian family in 1933. He was a classical composer and philosopher. Dmitry Shostakovich said of him: "When the entire world lost a sense of harmony, composer Iosif Andriasov has not only not lost this sense, but...
  14. Opera
    why is it that, in English, it is the female voice types which are spelled soprano, mezzo soprano, contralto? wouldn't soprana, mezza soprana, etc make more sense?
  15. Vocal Music
    It's one of naxos early music serie title ''The guerra manuscript volume 1'' (17th century secular spanish vocal music), it's purely vocal music isabel monar is the soprano and manuel vilas is the spanish baroque harp guess musician.This is part of the galician festival via stellae in spain. Im...
  16. Opera
    1) is passaggio set in stone or does it vary somewhat within a given fach? (for example, could a dramatic tenor transition at D4 and G4 as opposed to C#4 and F#4?) 2) the Verdi baritone is higher than the dramatic baritone, but more dramatic than a lyric baritone, so would they transition at Bb3...
  17. Opera
    not necessarily your favorite singer of each fach, or even the one you feel is the "best", but the one which represents said fach the best imo lyric coloratura soprano: Ingeborg Hallstein light lyric soprano: Barbara Bonney dramatic coloratura soprano: Joan Sutherland full lyric soprano...
  18. Vocal Music
    I've recently taken an interest in Cecilia Bartoli. She sounds like a (mezzo) soprano to me, but I've read elsewhere that she is a contralto, and in some other forums, that she is a soprano. What vocal range is she classified under? Thank you for your help! <-- here she is, for a little...
  19. Solved Cases (archive)
    I was watching a Korean soap opera and the villain plays multiple classical pieces throughout the episode but the one I can't seem to identify is the one from 6:22 to 7:05 (I'm not referring to "Dies Irae" which starts playing afterwards) Any help would be appreciated thank you! :)
  20. Opera
    Does anyone else have a favourite voice type? I know it's a horrible question, as there are so many out there. But some voices are just so vibrant and beautiful - for me, the mezzo-soprano is the perfect voice, with just the right mixture of high and low, light and dark, and such a selection of...
1-20 of 26 Results