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  1. Solo & Chamber Music
    What are you favorite piano works of Spanish composers? For our purposes, that includes Catalan composers(Mompou).
  2. Off Topic Pub
    My resources and life situation is such now that I can't go to some immersion school in Costa Rica or Mexico to learn Spanish. I haven't studied in a while and consequently am really rusty. I run into similar blocks every time I try to study Spanish without any tutoring. Vocab doesn't often...
  3. Vocal Music
    It's one of naxos early music serie title ''The guerra manuscript volume 1'' (17th century secular spanish vocal music), it's purely vocal music isabel monar is the soprano and manuel vilas is the spanish baroque harp guess musician.This is part of the galician festival via stellae in spain. Im...
  4. Keyboard Instruments
    One of my compositions, this is dedicated to my mother. It has a character of the Spanish popular music. I hope you like it. or Regards
1-4 of 6 Results