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  1. Today's Composers
    Was trying to have a mysterious spiritual feeling to it.
  2. Religious Music
    There's a thread on sacred slow movements where people are proposing all sorts of instrumental music, romantic adagios that sort of thing. Lacking the god gene, I don't really understand the mindset. So I thought I'd start this off just for personal clarification of spirituality in music. So...
  3. Religious Music
    Looking for Spiritual and Sacre slow movements , including arias , adagios Like Mozart Lacrimosa , Allegri Miserere , ...not neccesary only chorus. I like Bach, but Im not familiar with his works, specially his mass . Today Im listening " Bach Messe H Moll Mass B minor " ... beautiful ...
  4. Religious Music
    Looking for good lay-person and scholarly books and articles regarding Mahler's spiritual background and directions in his music. I am still trying to ascertain the Christian and Jewish elements...
1-4 of 4 Results