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  1. Non-Classical Music
    Hello mister Rollins i beg to disagree Gore and Dissecting Table early year harder what about A.n.p (absolut null punkt) hmm i.e disenbody Noise & Rolls doom & Sludge harder more brutal more visceral than Swans early days mister, wwhat about Slab Disenscion Lp 1987 release. :lol...
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    So, like, who cares if it's major or minor? What's really important is how fast the music goes! So let us know if you like that fast machine stuff or prefer quiet, grave contemplation while the paint dries.
  3. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    I realized that for some time I can't edit or delete the stuff that I write.
  4. Non-Classical Music
    Nitro - Freight Train
  5. Non-Classical Music
    This title is about as good as I could do to summarize the stuff I want to opine about. We all grow up listening to certain music, and that music generally ends up sounding good or pleasant throughout our whole life, or at least we understand it well enough. But new music requires that you...
  6. Off Topic Pub
    Real life is just endless misery and failure. We all know this. But one can always dream. So instead of focusing that depressing stuff that actually happens in your life, why not post some total BS but cool stuff that supposedly happens in your life? Here's what just "happened" to me. My...
  7. Today's Composers
    Hey, I have long time not posted here and got some new stuff at . Primarily these are again piano compositions, but for some the accordion works nicely out, especially No. 9. I recommend to listen No. 11 first for it sounds nicest and least weird, it's also my best to date. I know I'm not a...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    In terms of "that old Brahms stuff," is there anyone as good as Henri Dutilleux? It is pointless to compare Dutilleux to the eclecticism of Schnittke, the experimental nature of the likes of Stockhausen, the alienness of Ligeti, and the progressive complexity of Carter. But in his own fashion...
  9. Non-Classical Music
    Sometime they use fachist symbol other time they use communist symbol but in the end they are nihilist i presume. Everyone can see Laibach is a satyr band...but there older stuff non post-modern early industrial kinda interresting pagan industrial groove, so i dig this more of Laibach than...
  10. Today's Composers
    i took a crack at this whole fugue thing. not sure if i got it right. the prelude is actually longer than the fugue haha. i did this going off of the very little pre-19th century stuff i have heard recently. in fact this is really just something i did while bored, for fun. i am composing my...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm trying to get more into lieder so I spent some time with Mahler's Kindertotenlieder. I was in the mood for some more dark, heartbreaking kind of stuff and I remembered seeing some praise for the songs of Charles Ives, so I tried one at random. lol. What are your favorite quirky or silly...
  12. Non-Classical Music
  13. Composer Guestbooks
    Floored by her genius and proving again the excitement in new trends in British composition. Fairly young and delivering great stuff as one can see here.
  14. Non-Classical Music
    When i whant to hear world beat or folk , i go to the root than i check what new and avant, sometime im Lucky. I dont wont to sound like a racist but world beat store only carry predominantly african or european music and very less of anything else.Not that african music not good but i heard it...
  15. Composer Guestbooks Good stuff there :) And she's young.
  16. Non-Classical Music
    I heard some nurse whit wound and i was like oh nooo this is not just dark but pitch dark like hell im not lisening to that stuff, it litteraly freak me out, i was spook out for life. Than i read there humor infuse in this band , haha, what kind of humor, we creep you out is that it, anyway i...
  17. Non-Classical Music
    I like chris de burg ''lady in red'' there i said it, i admit it... Musically speaking its not so bad?? is it?? And i like Loverboy ''turn me loose'' Now its your turn to admit what you like in secret and your too ashamed of telling...
  18. Off Topic Pub
    What is something you love, but keep fairly private. I will go first: Yaoi.....I am actually obsessed. So sue me, its good stuff.
1-18 of 18 Results