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  1. Opera
    Our enjoyment of opera performances, whether live or record, depends on many factors. One of these is the director. The people of this forum could certainly collaborate on an informative list/chart/database/thread on directors. We could attempt to classify directors by style and various other...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    I realized that I simply love to listen to late works of composers and for me they are more profound and are highlights of their musical styles: it's true for a majority of composers. Schubert's late sonatas,messe in Es-Dur, Haydn London symphonies, R. Strauss 4 last songs, Brahms chamber...
  3. Off Topic Pub
    Low density, single family detached homes in community neighborhoods surrounding a mostly commercial core. Typical cities: Houston, LA, Seattle. Typical transit: automobile Medium density, low rise condos and townhomes, usually 3-4 stories tall, connected together tracing the streets. Typical...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Was the Romantic style an inevitable successor to Classicism? If not, where might Classicism have led? Can one envisage a development of the Classical style in a direction quite different from Romanticism? There are two strands to this question: (a) The 'pure' Late Classical style. The leading...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm looking for some 'scholarly research'. I want to know how to find out if anyone has done the following study: Mapped the frequency distribution or average length of a movement or composition by composer. Some examples: Does Beethoven have a certain length (in minutes/seconds) that he uses...
  6. Today's Composers
    Dear friends, My eldest son Assaf, a prolific composer of classical music, has recently come out with a new project as part of Headstart, the Israeli equivalent of Kickstarter, an enterprise that enables young artists to attain public exposure. As you will see in the link, Assaf has a systematic...
  7. Opera
    A bootleg recording (well, sort of: it's a live taping off BBC Radio 3) of Philip Glass's 1988 opera "The Making of the Representative for Planet 8" has appeared on YouTube. Based on the book by Doris Lessing (with the libretto also written by her), I think it hasn't been released probably...
  8. Musicians
    I just came across these uploads of an amazing improvisor who went by Tartarov. I don't know how famous he was. But he sure was incredible a talent easily on par with Gabriela Montero it seems. Chopin Waltz style: Beethoven style: Bach Style: Mozart Style:
  9. Keyboard Instruments
    My favorite pianist's style are.... Thelonious Monk Glenn Gould and Bill Evans , if I like this style , what other good pianist recommended to me ?
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    I've recently been discovering Bach's Tocattas for keyboard. Wow! Some of Bach's most unabashed dramatic flourishes are present here. Anyone else like the improvisatory, rhapsodic style of these 7 somewhat lesser known works or at least less discussed? Thanks--Dave
  11. Solo & Chamber Music
    We are looking at CPE Bach and beyond, and their works that can be most expressively played on the clavichord. We are looking for recordings of these composers and compositions on clavichord; which are your favorites? WF Bach is an obvious one that can be interpreted this way. He wrote...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Over the next period of time (weeks? months?) I intend to listen to every single piece Mozart has eve recorded from the Requiem to the little notebook of tiny piano pieces composed when he was about 5 years old. Mozart is one intellectual who has managed to impress me more and more when I...
  13. Off Topic Pub
    OK blender is probably not the right word, but this is the place to talk about member gender in respect of posting. Stuff about style, content, name, avatar, whatever. So sez this male.
  14. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Florence Foster Jenkins - American dramatic operatic soprano whose daring approach to standard fare of Mozart, Verdi, and Brahms exhibited a bold and sometimes reckless style that exemplifies some of the most memorable voices of the early 20th century. Immortalized in various recordings, she...
  15. Vocal Music
    Yodeling, do you find it compelling or repelling? And can you think of any case of yodeling being used in classical music? Here is a lovely two part counterpoint in yodel style:
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    There seems to me to be a correlation between the music of a composer and the style of architecture common in their lifetime. France, Spain and indeed much of Europe bar the UK is built in what I like to refer to as an antiquated style. Some people call this the rustic charm of paint, plaster...
  17. Solved Cases (archive)
    There's a wonderful piece that features in an episode of Anthony Bourdain's travel series, linked below: For the life of me I can't find it... the left hand and just the style in and of itself sounds like it has to be by Robert Schumann, but I just can't find it... Any ideas??
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    People rightly complained about the modernist bias of my last poll, and, duly chastened, I have taken a sharp turn in the other direction.
  19. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    I tend to find these things about eight years after everyone else has gotten tired of them - heck, I live in Gangnam, dress badly, and dance worse, and I didn't find out about Gangnam Style until it was already going out of style - so this is probably another case of "new to me, old to you," but...
1-19 of 23 Results